MILSAP Updates, Oct. 16, 2012


We just approved a new comment on the Kandahar Ski Club page from Tina Swanson. While checking it out, I noticed that I hadn’t listed Kandahar as a jumping hill. So, we have a new listing in our jumping hills section. If you know when the jump was built, when it was torn down, or you have any pictures or information about jumping events there, please post them or email us at


On our Facebook page, Brad Tetu commented (jokingly) that Kandahar is in Afghanistan. He’s right, and I had long wondered why the area was called that. I figured it might have to do with the big ski race in Germany, but that just pushes the question forward to how a ski race in Germany came to be named for a city in Afghanistan. I don’t have the full answer, but here gos:

Kandahar is the 2nd largest city in Afghanistan. It was founded in 330BCE by Alexander the Great and was named by him “Alexandria” as his habit was to name all the cities he founded by that name. Over the centuries, the name morphed into Kandahar.

In 1880, a British General in the Army of India named Frederick Roberts had just  conquered Kabul when he led a relief force to Kandahar. He won the Battle of Kandahar on September 1, 1880 and received many accolades. He went on to serve with distinction in India and Africa and was awarded the title of Baron of Kandahar (even though the British had withdrawn from Afghanistan long before). After he retired in the early 1900’s, he was active in British alpine sporting clubs and donated trophies for several races, some of which were named “Kandahar” in his honor. Today there are slopes or races by that name in Germany, Austria, and France.

I suspect that the Kandahar Ski Club in Michigan was named for one of those European slopes or events, perhaps by a German or Austrian immigrant or maybe a WWII vet who had served there. If any of you know how the Kandahar Ski Club got its name, please let us know.


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2 Responses to MILSAP Updates, Oct. 16, 2012

  1. This could be the root of the naming of the Kandahar Ski Club at Fenton. A side note … at Whitefish, Montana you’ll find Also, see And, then, there was even a

  2. Phil Hemenway says:

    I have great memories of Sugarloaf, although a small hill it featured Awful, Awful a pitch easy to under estimate but difficult to ski well. I was humbled more then I wish to mention. When Awful had good snow you got 300 vert of great mogul skiing.

    The instruction at Sugarloaf was as good as any instruction I saw at any major area.

    Night skiing was quite fun and I did see a fair amount locals, dressed in Camo, that were excellent skiers.

    The area did feature a fair amount of Alpine skiing competitions.

    The accomodations were fairly priced and offered good quality, for a weekend package you could ski Friday night, Saturday, Saturday night and Sunday morning and be home Sunday night. Thats a lot of skiing in a weekend.

    Hope to see it opened again.

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