MILSAP Updates, Dec. 21, 2012


We have approved many new comments since November 29, sorry to have been so remiss.

We have added new photo galleries to several pages. Harry Hammond sent many photos and maps and aerials whcih we have posted on the Kandahar page. Christine VanderHart sent photos of Sugarloaf and Caberfae which we have posted on those pages. Tom Fullerton sent photos of Big M which we posted on that page.

We made a field trip to Boyne Country about 3 weeks age. The mountain was open (In rain and fog) so we went to Avalanche Peak instead and climbed the hill (via the staircase). Also visited Mt. McSauba, Walloon Hills, and Thunder Mountain. We have posted pictures from our trip on all those pages.

We also approved many new comments. Bob Sisco commented on Sugar Loaf, John Close on Pioneer Hills, Pam Sienk on Teeple Hill, Rob Peters on Adventure Mountain. In addition to sending photos, Tom Fullerton commented on Big M, Crystal Mountain, the Grand Haven Ski Bowl, Udell Hills and Caberfae Peaks. Pete Morley commented on Skyline, Steven on Mt. Maplehurst, and Chris Marty on Walloon and Skyline.

In addition, Tom Oakes mentioned that there are some great old B&W photos on the walls of the bar at Cannonsburg. He says most are from Cannonsburg but some are from Big M.


We are a clearinghouse for information about retired ski areas in Michigan
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