MILSAP Updates, January 12, 2013

We have approved 12 new comments since our last update. R. Glasser posted a comment about Mt. Gabriel, near Wolverine, that is the actual first confirmation that such an area existed. He even said he would try to follow up with pictures.

Mikey sent a link to another video about Mt. Mancelona. Steve Erber commented on Black Mountain. Laura Shields added a post about skiing in the early 90’s at Mt. Brighton with her buddies T.J. Burke and Dexter Rutekki (sic) before they moved to Aspen. Nice try, Laura, but I think most of us have seen that movie and the credits spell it “Rutecki.”

Art Sampson commented about Thunder. Brian Lambert added to our information about Brady’s Hills. Joe La Rue commented on Mt. Grampian, Jack Pine Valley, Black Forest and Vernier Hill. Mark Prell also commented on Mt. Grampian, and Rich Kingston added his thoughts about Vernier Hill. (Yes, Rich, our information is that the hill is still there, but smaller and only used for sledding).

We are still working through all the pictures that were sent over the holidays. Karen Vocke sent a link to a picture that had rights reserved. I think we can use the picture as long as we credit it to the owner, which we are more than happy to do. It belongs to a Michigan memorabilia shop up north and they list over 1600 historic pictures of Michigan (and a few other places) so I am looking through the archive for other ski pictures and items. Have reached the 300’s, so I have a ways to go, but have already found pictures of a ski slope in Vanderbilt. When I finish, I will not only credit the pictures, I will put a link to his photo gallery on the resources page for those who might be interested in Michigan pictures of general historical interest.

Someone also sent along a picture of an area patch (the kind you sew on a jacket) from Gay-El-Rancho in Gaylord. I have it on supposedly good authority that they had nordic skiing only, but no lifts. However, the patch appears to depict a skier layed out in jumping style, so perhaps their nordic skiing included jumping? Does anyone out there know if there was a jump at the El-Rancho?


We are a clearinghouse for information about retired ski areas in Michigan
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One Response to MILSAP Updates, January 12, 2013

  1. Jay Benda says:

    I can help confirm that there was a ski area near Wolverine. While I didn’t know the name of it, I worked with my dad, Ed Benda, on a project to remove the T-Bar and bring it to our ski area, Briar Hill. I was still in college (NMU) at the time, so I was only able to spend a couple days on the project with him. I have a very distinct memory of the moment we lowered the downhill cable wheel from the steel structure. Piece by piece, trailer load by trailer load, we brought the entire T-Bar down 131 (roughly 100 miles) to Briar. That project is still on our list. Ed bought Briar Hill in the mid 70s.
    By the way, my 6 brothers and I ski jumped at Briar in the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s. We continue to ski there and we have countless pictures that would document those years.

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