MILSAP Updates, January 27, 2013

You guys and gals have been very busy, leaving 27 comments since our last update. Mark Prell left his comment about Thunder Mountain, Danny Jones commented on Royal Valley, Peter Bigford and Steve Erber both left recollections of Black Mountain.

Jay Benda left us additional confirmation about Mt. Gabriel near Wolverine. He couldn’t confirm the name of the resort or its dates of operation, but he remembers dismantling a T-Bar there to transport to his fathers area, Briar Hill.

Rick Picardat pointed out that we had not yet mentioned Diggins Hill in Cadillac. I had found this area on a MUCC map from the 1970’s while travelling north of there early last December and with Rick’s help, we put it up on our site.

Terry Rosenbaum sent us a link to an article in The Lewiston Daily Sun, dated 2/7/1949 about a ski jumping event at the Marquet Ski Club’s Kirlin Hill. I guess this confirms that Mt. Mesnard had a ski jump, so I’ll have to add it to our list of jumping hills. The same newspaper contained a story about a ski meet between Dixfield and Andover. Held at Dixfield, the schools competed in jumping, x-c, downhill, and slalom. Would anyone out there know the hill where this meet was held?

Mark Smith commented on Skyline, Brian Burr commented on Fonro, Jordon left reminiscences about Binder Park, Mike left his on the Royal Valley page but they really related to Ski Valley in Laport, IN. Charlie Savage commented on Mt. Grampian and Ana on Brady’s Hills.

Carrie left two comments about Royal Valley, B. Coulter left one about Thunder Mountain and another about Mt. Mancelona. Steve Ugarski commented about Bittersweet. Ryan left his thoughts about Royal Valley, Janice Mercer Stasiak left two comments about Brady’s Hills, and G. J. Lopus remembered Sylvan Knob.

Alan commented on Mt. Grampian. Gay Streeter Landstrom commented on Sheridan Valley. Marl Prell commented again, this time on Mt. Grampian, Adam Rothschild on Royal Valley, and Dana Gariglio Lockwood on Skyline.


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