MILSAP Updates, March 3, 2013

I have approved 10 comments since our last update. Don Klemm commented that Manistee Ski Area, Big M, and Udell Hills were all the same area, operating under different names. Bill Bonkowski said on our FIRSTS page that he was an instructor at Boyne Highlands when the high-speed detachable lift was installed and it changes the lift ride from 9 minutes to around 2.

Jay Benda And Tony both commented on the Kandahar Ski Club Ski Jumping page about the history of the ski jumps at Kandahar. Cathy Gosenca (nee Sheppard) commented about Teeple Hill and Dryden (and said a few words about Mt. Holly in the process). John commented about Skyline, wishing the latest owner well and saying he has pictures of the area in the state it was in while up for tax sale.

Chuck Kendall left a comment on the MILSAP Update page about Mt. Frederic and a ski area near Waters. Yes, Chuck, we have pages for both Mt. Frederic and the Waters Ski Club. The pages are connected to the Gaylord area page because Gaylord is the closest major town (and was at one time the major ski center in northern Michigan) The Gaylord areas page is in the Northeastern Lower Peninsula group because Gaylord is the east of Old-27, even though a few of the Gaylord areas are west.

Tim Palmitier left a comment about the location of SilverBell Village and Bob Sisco commented about the lifts at The Homestead.

Please keep those comments coming, and if you have pictures, movies, brochures, maps, patches, etc. to share with us, please follow the directions on the About MILSAP page.


We are a clearinghouse for information about retired ski areas in Michigan
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One Response to MILSAP Updates, March 3, 2013

  1. jeff kurn says:

    There was another rope tow in Lincoln at The Lost Lake Woods Club. The rope utilized an old dark green army truck at the top of the hill to power the tow rope. When you wanted to ski, you had to ask them to start the truck. There was no grooming and the hill was small and on the south side of the lodge. You could ski down to Badger Lake. I skied there in 1970, but I am sure that truck was there for a long time. It was not the most excited place to ski, but it was something to do while we were at the lodge. Usually, we would drive to Mt. Mariah, which was not far from Lincoln. We loved the poma lift, the cute lodge, the good food, the terrain, and my Mother improved from the Clif Taylor GLM (Graduate Length Method) short wooden skis. I drove by Mt Mariah 15 years ago to see the hill and lodge. When I was a kid it seemed so big.!history/cz0r

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