MILSAP Updates, March 11, 2013

Since last week, Peter Bigford left a comment about coming up from Niles to ski at Black Mountain near Cheboygan with his brother, Andy. Andy is now the Group Publisher of Ski Magazine, Skiing Magazine and Skiing Business Magazine for Bonnier Corporation. He was formerly General Manager of Warren Miller Entertainment. Peter was in management for many years at Copper Mountain in Colorado and is now the COO at Shanty Creek/Schuss Mtn. I guess if you grow up with a love of skiing in Michigan, you really are prepared for the big time.

Patrick (P.J.) Markey left a comment on the Kandahar page about the memories other commentators have left about the rope tows. Patrick now patrols at Pando, another rope tow area, and tells his kids about the rope switch on Timberline at Kandahar.

And now a mystery. Steve Tongue of Traverse City left a comment on the About MILSAP page about the remains of a rope tow that were in the underbrush of a hill in East Grand Rapids that he and his friends used for sledding in the ’70s. The hill is between two ponds, just south of Lake Dr. It is just west of the Ravenswood Guest House and north of the athletic fields at Calvin College. If anyone has any information about skiing on Ravenswood hill or knows where the tow rope and equipment came from, please let us know.


We are a clearinghouse for information about retired ski areas in Michigan
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1 Response to MILSAP Updates, March 11, 2013

  1. Q says:

    Just ran across the site. Wish I could add something significant. “Learned” skiing from the Rochester area in mid-60s. Silverbell, Grampian, Holly, Pine Knob, probably a few others I don’t recall at the moment (Mt Christie? Brighton?). They all sort of fade together in my memory nowadays.

    Seemingly long, late bus rides after school … which weren’t that long; weren’t that late – in hindsight. Rock concerts – of sorts – at the same places as I got older.

    Saw the Grampian patch on the Mt Grampian page.
    Hey! I had one of those …once upon a time.

    After falling on the ice at the tops and bottom of the “slopes” so many times as a youngster, my skiing days (ie, knees) were over by the time I arrived in the Tahoe and Colorado regions.

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