MILSAP Updates, May 30, 2013

Since the end of the ski season we have approved 26 comments, including 6 today that were left in the past two weeks. Jeff Kurn left three comments one of which included a history of Bintz Apple Mountain and another which pointed to a NEW LOST SKI AREA, at Lost Lake Woods Club near Lincoln. Does anyone else remember the rope tow at Lost Lake?

Robert Rhoades also left a couple comments, one about Mt. Grampian and another stating that he still takes his ski teams to Franklin Hill near Farmington Hills for dry-land conditioning in the fall. Trucker Mark left a comment on the Sugarloaf page about a former ski area at the Leelanau School. He needs to look at the information on our page for “the Homestead.”

David and Larry Weisenthal each left comments on our Mt. Grampian page, David’s with LOTS of reminiscences. James Baruth also commented on Mt. Grampian. Chris Baker commented about Royal Valley, Ryan Smith about Black Mountain, Terri Gallant Kerr about The Pinnacles, along with Paul F.

Tom Oakes commented that he has been teaching at Cannonsburg sinced 1974! He’s coming up on a 40th anniversary. “Q” left a comment on the MILSAP Updates post about skiing in the Rochester area at Silver Bell, Grampian, Pine Knob, Mt. Holly, and maybe Mt. Christie and Mt. Brighton). Charles Supercynski left some interesting history about the Brighton Ski Jump. John E Owen and Jackie Roe commented on Fonro and Tony and R. Black left comments about Kandahar. Mr. Black said he has pictures. If so, we would like him to share them with us. He can do so by following the directions on the About MILSAP page.

Sharkbites left us three comments about Briar Hill and Bilol left one including the fact that he has pictures his grandfather took there. We would like to see those, too. Tom Sligh commented about Carousel Mtn., Mike Kinney on Iroquois Mtn., and Marian Jackson and Helen left comments about Brady’s Hills.

Speaking of sharing with us, “whateverdamnit” sent six pictures of patches for Ward Hills, Mt. Christie, Snow Valley, Manistee, Chrystal Mtn., and Alpine Valley. I’ll get them up on the area pages and into our (relatively) new Ski Area Patches gallery PDQ.


We are a clearinghouse for information about retired ski areas in Michigan
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2 Responses to MILSAP Updates, May 30, 2013

  1. Bill Bonkowski Grayling Mi. says:

    I am still waiting to hear from you about the information that places Hanson Hills as Michigans first wintersports area. I sent this to you several months ago. I have found someone else to publish this info .since you do not seem to be interested in it. As a professional skier in Michigan for 30+ years Im disappointed you do not find all this info important to the history of skiing in Michigan

    • MILSAP says:

      Sorry Bill, I can find no information that you sent about Hanson Hills, either in email folders or in the blog’s comments archive. (We found the comment you left in February about the HS chair at Highlands). If you can let us know when and how you sent it or if you can re-send it, we will post it. However, we already mention Hanson Hills as having a claim to be the oldest ski area in Michigan on our FIRSTS? page. We list them right after (meaning earlier than) two other claimants, Caberfae and Mont Ripley, and above two possibly earlier claimants, Greenbush Inn and Grand Beach Ski Club which may or may not have had tows. We also mention Hanson Hills claim on each of the pages about the area (Hanson Hills, Bear Mountain, and Grayling Winter Sports Park) with a link to the official history page for the area.

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