MILSAP Updates, July 9, 2013

We have approved 10 new comments that have been left since June 1. A few people have also sent items by email and we are working on getting those up on the appropriate pages. We will let you know when that happens.

jdshep1 posted a couple comments on the Thunder Mountain page relating to the pictures. He was confused by the thumbnails, but then he figured it out. To help everyone else, if you see a group of small pictures (thumbnails) on one of our pages, they represent a “picture gallery.” If you click on one of the thumbnails, the gallery will open and you will see a much larger version of the picture. There will also be arrows on the sides of the screen to move left or right from picture to picture. To close the gallery and return to the page, click on the very small x in the top left corner of the gallery frame.

Dave Tschirhart commented on the Lansing Ski Club and mentioned that his father helped install the 1st rope tow in 1959. Will commented on Kandahar and also remembered the rope tows. Rick Riskey reminisced about Mt. Brighton (which will be getting major renovations this summer now that it has been purchased by Vail).

Karen Olson Giradot remembered Fonro and wondered it anyone knew what happened to the Sutton family who used to live down the road from the lodge and the father worked as bartender. R. Smith also reminisced about Fonro and the fawn they used to keep there.  Rick Walton mentioned fond memories of The Pinnacles and said he has old black and white pictures of the place. He said he takes his kids north to ski, but the modern places just don’t have the same atmosphere. We hear you Rick!

Dean Sliger wondered on the Riverview Highlands page how they keep snow on Mt. Holly and Mt. Brighton if they are trash heaps, too. I told him that I am not aware that there is any garbage underlying either area. The parts of Mt. Holly that aren’t natural terrain were built up either by moving gravel from one part of the site to another or with gravel brought in from the gravel pit next door. If I remember correctly, there was talk a couple decades ago of converting part of the gravel pit (not owned by Mt. Holly) into a solid waste disposal site, but the owners were unable to get the required permits because of concerns about groundwater pollution. Many years ago, Mt. Holly buried the seat hangers from the old Canyon double chairlift under a new slope they were building (Grant’s Run?). But they dug them up a couple years later and used them to build the booths in the cafeteria and the Lift Lounge.

Finally, Genevieve Morgan would like us to publish much more information about Griswold Mountain near Indian River. Gennie, so would we. If anyone out there knows anything about Griswold Mountain: who owned it, who built it, when it operated, whether it had tows or lifts, or how long it operated, please let us know.


We are a clearinghouse for information about retired ski areas in Michigan
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