MILSAP Updates, August 12, 2013

With apologies to Karen Voike, we added a new lost ski area at Western Michigan University, bringing our total to 131. Karen sent me some files from the archives of the student newspaper about a year ago and I have been trying unsuccessfully ever since to re-format them to put them up on the site. Regardless, WMU had a rope-tow served slope on campus for about a decade before it gave way to construction. If you remember shussing at Western (or at any other campus in Michigan) please let us know. Karen, if you can get a printout of the articles, please scan them and send to me.

On July 20, we posted a copy of an old brochure from Brady’s Hills sent along by Brady Paulson.

Jackie Roe and Karen Olson Girardot have exchanged information about families they knew on the Fonro page. Scott Usarski posted a link on the Ward Hills page to a picture of a sign directing one to the YMCA Camp Martin Johnson Ward Hills Ski Area. om Johnson commented on the Brady’s Hills page.

R. Black left a lifetime of memories of skiing and the beginnings of freestyle on the Kandahar page. Jim Jacques left information of the location of Silver Valley in his comment on that page. Jack Daunt posted good information about the founding of Sylvan Knob on the Treetops page. I’ll try to duplicate it on the Sylvan Knob page.

Ted Reilly commented on the origin of Mt. Brighton on the Riverview Highlands page. He thinks it was created as byproduct of the construction of the US23/I-96 interchange. Is he right? Let us know. I will try to copy his comment to the Mt. Brighton page.

Brian Aprill commented about Briar Hill and Nancy Peterrson, a relative of original investors, is thrilled that Walloon Hills slopes and lodge are still used for a good cause (Challenge Mountain).


We are a clearinghouse for information about retired ski areas in Michigan
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One Response to MILSAP Updates, August 12, 2013

  1. colefleck says:

    I have additional ward hills photos taken 12-27-58. they are pasted on the Facebook page as of 9-6-13.

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