MILSAP Updates, October 15, 2013

We have just approved about 30 comments made on our pages since mid-August. Sorry about the delay, but I am working from a borrowed computer at a place where I volunteer and do not want to download any of your files to it. It may take a while longer to post any pictures or files you may have sent via email or posted to our Facebook page.

Pat Phillips commented on skiing and jumping at Summit, starting on the 20 meter jump when he was 7 years old. The ramp was in disrepair, so they had to leap over the hole in the ramp while skiing down the jump!

Mattie skied at Black Forest from ’73 through ’83? and thinks it closed in ’85?? Greg Hawkins remembers skiing the Pinnacles every year through the holidays. He says he has pictures and we hope he will share some.

Rik remembers the fun jumping (terrain) at Royal Valley. Greg S. Key fondly remembers skiing and patrolling at Mt. Grampian in the mid-’70s.

kapollock posted 3 comments about Tyrolean Hills. Her parents ran the ski shop at the Pinnacles and then bought the area and developed it as Tyrolean Hills. It was once a great, northern Michigan area, bur fell into decline after her mother died and her father sold his interest to the banks. kapollock has many pictures and items from Tyrolean Hills and other areas in NM at that time (skied on the Gaylord ski team ’71-’76) and we hope to see some of them.

Jennifer Knappen responded to two comments about people associated with Brady’s Hills. i. forgot said that Black Forest made the POHO area tolerable. Steve Harmon commented on Skyline to Caroline that he had bought some ols maple skis at auction at Ernie Nye’s. Mark Kimmerly commented that he didn’t like the T’s or ropes at Silverbell Village, but he liked the dances and the girls.

Mary Beth Smith said that her grandparents built Echo Valley  by as a ski jumping area and said she has clippings and copies of other items from her grandmother. We sure hope she shares some with us.

Jeff Kurtze says he skies with the Carson City Ski Club at Brady’s hills in the early ’70s. Bill commented that he remembers mountain biking at Vernier Hill in the ’80s. He also commented about the mountain bike races they had at Kandahar in the ’80s. If I remember correctly, they had a series of these races ar various ski areas in SE Michigan including at Mt. Holly.

On the Brady’s Hills page, Mike Disher remembered that he first started skiing at Moon’s Hills near Lakeview but later graduated to Brady’s Hills. He says Brady’s added a poma in the ’70s and that in the mid-’70s it was sold to investors and renamed Winterskol. He also remembers meeting Brady’s ski instructor Bud Abbey many years later skiing the moguls at Crystal. Jennifer Knappen also remembered Bud as her instructor.

Frank Faron commented about Timber Lee Hills about the fiberglass shells that were on every 2nd or 3rd seat on the chairlift to protect you from the wind and cold. Mike from Boyne Falls remembers dirt biking on Whiteface at the Thunder Mountain site. Joe Wolf remembers that the lodge at Black Forest was at the top of the hill and the beginner slope started there with harder, steeper runs below it.

Thom Hartung says Silverbell Village was located off Bald Mountain Road, south of Dutton. He remembers hearing the Amboy Dukes there as well as Segar, Iggy, Alice Cooper, Frat SRC and Silver Apples. Selkie left a comment on the Bear Mountain page asking for information about a band called Canada Goose that performed there in the winter of ’72/’73. A Google search revealed that Canada Goose was formed by former members of the Esquires, a band out of Ottawa. Their first his was “Higher and Higher”. They played and toured from ’70 until sometime in ’73 and their claim to fame in the USA was a letter of thanks from President Richard Nixon who once heard them play in upstate NY.

Jeremy Clark remembers that the lift was removed from the Mackinac College ski slope in the ’70s by dropping it onto mattresses and was transported by horse-drawn wagon to the docks where it was shipped to the mainland by Arnold Line. It eventually ended up at Berkshire East Ski Resort in Massachusetts where it was known as the Little Beaver double.

Davis Bakker left a couple comments about Carousel Mountain and his memories of skiing there. He said he has signs from the area as well as a pin and lift tickets. We hope he shares photos of those items with us here at Milsap.

Dale Ellis commented on the Mt. Christie page about the old, heavy rope to the left of the Poma, saying it was perhaps two strands of tow rope. He says his father, Sam Ellis, patrolled there for years.


We are a clearinghouse for information about retired ski areas in Michigan
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