MILSAP Updates, October 31, 2013. Happy Halloween!

Dan Brown left a comment on our Mt. Christie page about the two-stage rope and a very bad ride suffered by a rider. Patrick Williams commented on winning the Kandahar Olympics in both racing and jumping. He also admitted to stealing beer from the stash outside the main door. David Stweart commented about Snow Bowl.

Scott Barrett left comments about both Black Forest and Jack Pine Valley which he says was later named TNT. He has sent along a picture of the area sign and we will post it as a NEW LOST SKI AREA. Dick Schlaud left a note on the Silverbell page referring to concerts by Frost, Savage Grace, seger, Alice Cooper, Frigid Pink, MC5, Sunday Funnies, SRC and the Stooges. He says it was a great place to meet girls.

Anton Mal made comments about changes to Caberfae, both old changes and proposed ones. He also left two comments about Thunder Mountain and posted a video from 2008 of people snurfing there. He also posted a video on the Big M page of a fall hill climb.

Gail commented on the Jack Pine page that she skied there in the mid-60’s and at Black Forest in the late 60’s. Joe La Rue said he skied there in ’64 or ’65. He remembers hearing about TNT, but wouldn’t have known it was the same place. Tony remembers Kandahar and would like more pictures, especially of the lodge interior and of the “half-track.”

Tom Fullerton remembers all 9 ropes at Big-M as well as the t-bar on Christie and the chair on Big Chief. John remembers that his parents used to take the family to Silverbell in the ’60’s where he learned to ski.

Anton Mal said he never liked the quad at Walloon Hills because they recontoured Gironimo and Smokey, removing the steeps, when they installed it. He remembers skiing Sugar Loaf and the Awful Awful lift and another to its right (Manitou?) with a steep, icy slope. He also commented on the Mt Mancelona page, and says he skied Mont Ripley when he attended MTU (remembers it as Mt. Rockley as do many former MTUers) but now drives past it to Bohemia.


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