MILSAP Updates, December 17, 2013.

We just approved eight new comments we received while on a ski trip in the northern lower peninsula. We have also received a trail map and more patch pictures via email, and will post those on the site when I can get the desktop cleaned off again (more viruses). I should have some time to work on this as I cracked a couple of ribs skiing Sunday night and am taking it easy for a few days.

Paul P left a comment on our Mt. Christie page asking for pictures. We second his request. Monique commented twice on the Sylvan Knob page, once about being a southerner who learned to ski there and once about skiing with the older kids and loving the jumps. Thorn left a comment on the Skyline page for Caroline, saying “hi.” He said he and his dad worked for her dad. John McLean learned to ski at Black Forest, coming frequently on a bus from Sarnia. He remembers rental with safety straps–no brakes, and ropes that tore up cheap gloves unless you had glove protectors.

Chuck used to explore at Silverbell in the early 2000’s long after it was abandoned. The buildings and equipment were still there but dilapidated and creepy. Tom Knighton reminisced about Kandahar Ski Club in the ’50’s when it was near Drayton Plains. The ropes were run by automobile engines and he remembers passing a corn crib on the way to the lodge. He also remembers skiing with the club after they moved to Summit.

Finally, Richard Hendricks remembers skiing at the GVSC Ski Hill. He said he lived nearby (not a student?) and skied there a lot because it was free. He says the picture is taken toward the river with the A-frame lodge behind the photographer. The lodge had free hot drinks. They had lights and it was fun to ski at night. The rope was fast. The college racers made good mogul runs. He says you can still see the area if you are going up the hill to the main campus, E to W, right next to the highway.


We are a clearinghouse for information about retired ski areas in Michigan
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