MILSAP Updates, January 7, 2014.

Happy New Year! We hope you are enjoying this very wintry weather we have been having in Michigan. It has been great for skiing if you dress appropriately. There have been 18 new comments left since the day after Christmas. Please keep those reminiscences coming.

Jeff Golemba remembers making snow at Sugar Loaf in the ’90’s. Dan Branch remembers Ben Dancer being a great skier and a great guy at Skyline doing flips and double daffys while wearing headphones in the late ’70’s and early ’80’s.

JeffToepler left a very thoughtful comment about Vernier Hill in Grosse Pointe Shores bemoaning the short-sightedness of tearing down the hill and the old Vernier School which was an historic building.

manyleea confirmed that there was a tow long ago at Pinckney State Recreation Area. Bob Potocki wants information about a proposed ski area near Brighton. He says they built the lodge by Woodland Lake, but the site was transformed into apartments. Shiela R. Phillips remembers Mott Mountain. She was 16 when her aunt and uncle bought the area from Mr. Palmer. She says it was incorporated in the early ’70’s to install the chairlift.

Colleen Driscoll commented about Mt. Grampian, and Mark L says he and his friends still sneak up there to snowboard. Ben Dancer (see comment above) remembers skiing at Skyline when he was so small he had to wait for an adult to grab the rope so it would be low enough to reach–then it would lift him off the ground at the top when the adult let go.

John Thompson commented about Black Mountain where he started skiing in ’59-’60. He later patrolled at Mt. Maria and still does so at Schuss. Beth and Tom commented on Lake Valley and Danny Lippert asked what happened if you were at the bottom of Snow Valley’s hill when the tows shut down. (You climbed up to the lodge, Danny). Mark says he has old film of the construction of Snow Bowl where his dad was the first manager.

Rick Oas kindly provided the location of the artificial ski jump in Munising which was called the Forest Inn Hill. He also commented on the “Big Hill” which was across the football field from the artificial hill that came later. The old high school, football field, and both jumps were located in Brown’s Addition, within sight of M-28. He adds that there has been no jumping in Munising since the ’80’s.

Tater left a comment about Royal Valley and Michael Samis left one about Carousel. Finally, Andy says a friend of his lived in the old Moon Ridge lodge while he was in high school and they used to run the old rope and “shred” there from ‘1997 through 2000.



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One Response to MILSAP Updates, January 7, 2014.

  1. WaltF says:

    How does one suggest an unaccounted ski area.?
    Oakland University used to have a ski tow next to the athletic building.

    In fact it still shows up on topo maps

    on this 1967 DTE Aerial, you can just barely make it out on the south-east side of the Intramural Building (at one time Lepley Athletic Center)

    according to the Administrative group Meeting Minute dated August 27, 1962, page2
    the tow was installed that fall in preparation for the 1962 – 1963 ski season,%201962.pdf?sequence=1

    and the tow must have been operational at least as late as during the winter of 1976 according to the school rag,

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