MILSAP Updates, January 15, 2014

Welcome to MILSAP! We are dedicated to collecting and publishing information about the history of lift-served ski areas in Michigan.  If you have fond memories of flying down the slopes on your favorite hill, but the area has closed, let us know about it. Michigan has a long, rich history of skiing and sliding and it should not be forgotten. Please help us keep it alive by sharing your recollections, snapshots, memorabilia, news clippings, home movies, or whatever you may have that would remind you and others of the places where people used to enjoy winter in Michigan.

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We have approved 13 new comments since January 7. This is our busy time of year.

Garrett Mitchell commented on Elberta Winter Sports Park and Ski Jump that you can still see some of the steel from the lift. Guy Savage commented on his many great memories of Skyline.

Tater left a very long comment about his adventures at Swiss Valley skiing with Joe Montana; you need to check this out. Tater also left a request on our About MILSAP page that we cover lost areas in Indiana; particularly Ski Valley (LaPorte), Bender Woods (South Bend), The Pines (Valparaiso), and Mt. Wawasee (Goshen). What do you think? Should we expand to Indiana? Dan H related his one and only alpine skiing experience when he broke his ankle at Mt. Grampian. Dale Price taught at Royal Valley from ’83 to ’86.

Mark left a comment about Snow Bowl that his father thinks the trails were cut in ’59-’60. Walt F commented on Bald Mountain State Rec. Area that the mark on the map might belong to Silverbell or Mt. Grampian. No, Walt, it was labeled Bald Mtn. Walt also sent a link to a DTE aerial from 1967 showing Silverbell.

Walt F also reported a new lost ski area: Oakland University ski tow. The tow was authorized and built next to the IM building in ’62, appeared on a DTE aerial from ’67, and was mentioned in the school paper in ’76. It still shows up on topo maps of the area. (however, my wife who attended OU ’65-’68 says it was not operating then–she remembers traying on the hill. She does remember it from around ’72 when she was working on a bilingual endorsement). (Why she never told me about it before, I don’t know.) I will transfer Walt’s post when I get a chance to set up a page for OU.

Dan Branch commented that he would like to see a Facebook page for alumni of Skyline. Tony Slosar commented that he has some 8mm of Skyline from the late ’70s or early ’80s, but not of the time he broke his nose. That reminds me, I might still have some Super-8 from Mt. Maria.



We are a clearinghouse for information about retired ski areas in Michigan
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2 Responses to MILSAP Updates, January 15, 2014

  1. paul says:

    I was told of and then went to see a ski area in Ortonville Michigan. It was located on a large hill above Bald Eagle Lake and I was told the name of the ski area was called Bald Eagle. It can be found at a dead end street, atop a neighborhood. There is terraced land and on the lake side of the hill I found the old tow rope towers. I can’t find anything about it anywhere. Beautiful location.

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