MILSAP Updates, April 8, 2014

Winter is finally leaving the lower part of our state, but some areas in the north and in the Upper Peninsula are still operating and may continue for some time. In the mean time, we have approved 28 comments since our last post on March 2, five weeks ago. We also have a line on a new “lost” ski area, but will post more about that when we research it further. By the way, most comments are approved within a few hours or even minutes, via mobile. Some comments take more time because we need to complete our research or because they have been left in the wrong place. If you wish to comment on a specific area, please leave your comment on the page for that area, not on our main blog or on the About MILSAP page. If you leave it on the right page, that will ensure that other people interested in that area will see your comment and perhaps even respond. We don’t mind comments on the main blog or the About MILSAP page, but it is unlikely that other people will see them, so we often move them to a ski-area page.

Andrea commented about Mt. Grampian that the site is now being used for charity–to raise produce that is distributed to charities in Oakland county. Jim H commented about Jack Pine Valley and mentioned that Black Forest drew a lot of business from it when they opened. Carla Green commented about Teeple Hill, Harry Hammond posted about Kandahar and Gustave Rayl compared historic Alpine Valley to how it is today (still operating).

Pam Sienkiewicz invited us to the Rosebud Reveal at Haven Hill (newly revived name for the former Ford estate). This celebration of springtime will be held Saturday, April 26, from noon to 4 pm. RD commented about the rope and poma lift at Mt. Christie in the late ’60s. Paul again visited Bald Eagle and promised to send pictures.

John Woitinnek, Mark Sloan, and Dan Branch left comments about Skyline, and Tim remembered skiing right to the front door and the fireplace in the lodge. Candy Dalton-VanNort and Candice exchanged memories about Fonro. Bob Couture remembered a run called “Bone Crusher” at Ogemaw Hills. Was that the real slope name or a nickname, Bob? F.S. posted that his father was one of the owners when the lodge burned down.

Randy recalled busing to Esker Hills from Charlotte HS in the early ’60s. Erik Knappen posted about Brady’s Hills. Jerry Kucera remembered skiing at Royal Valley on training exercised with the 12th Special Forces Group (airborne) and other times with friends and wives. He remembers a (triple?) chair.

Bob Sisco sent us a link to the website for Shanty Creek (they will be open this Saturday to end the current season). Mark Edmund said he skied Sugar Loaf in the ’80s and ’90s, and wishes it could come back. Anton Mal posted about Thunder Mountain.

Finally, Yvonne DiSimone Karukas commented about Vulcan that she thinks Noel Dean Turner, a relative,built the original area and operated it until ’75.

Please keep those comments, pictures, patches, brochures, etc. coming. We love to get more information about our historic ski areas in Michigan.



We are a clearinghouse for information about retired ski areas in Michigan
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