MILSAP Updates, May 1, 2014

Happy May Day. As I write this, I think the only alpine area still open in Michigan is Mt. Bohemia, up in the Keewenau where winter may last until June or July. Michigan was officially the coldest area on the planet (compared to normal) for March 2014.

I know it has been only a couple days since our last post on April 29, when we announced two new “lost ” ski areas in the Leelanau Peninsula, but I have exciting news. We have been contacted by someone who has old ski area pins.

It seems his father was in the business of making them and he would like to sell some. His name is Cliff Essman, and he’s a Spartan, so he can be trusted. 😉 He says he wants $10/pin and he has many, many pins from around the world. Just looking through his list, I identified 21 pins related to Michigan, some for “lost” areas, some for areas which are still operating, and some for ski clubs. Areas range from Big M and Big Powderhorn to Thunder Mountain and Walloon Hills. You can contact him at cliff218 at


The complete list of pins he has to offer is currently on the Kandahar Ski Club–Fenton page in the comments section. I will likely move it to the resources page soon, and may put a list of the Michigan pins on the Ski Area Patches page. All I ask, is that if you contact him and buy a pin, please send us a photo.



We are a clearinghouse for information about retired ski areas in Michigan
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