MILSAP Updates, July 1, 2014

Our last update was just after Memorial Day and now the Fourth is fast approaching. We have had 16 comments posted in the intervening weeks. But first, I have a personal request. When I skied at Mt. Maria in the 1970s, we sometimes went next door, across the top of the ridge to ski the abandoned slopes of an older area. I remember it being referred to as Timber-something, but I cannot remember the real name. Do any of you know what this area may have been called or when it operated?

John Sanderson posted on the Mt. Grampian page that he remembers an after work  ski trip there in the winter of 76-77 when he worked at Lionel Trains on 23-mile. David E. Fischer commented on the Silver Valley page about his years of camping at Camp Iroquois from 1961-67. Ken Goebel remembers summers at the Greenbush Inn where his father worked in the 1960s. He woiuld like to know the location of the inn; so would we.

Drew Jelgerhuis would like to purchase some Carousel Mountain memorabelia, if anyone has some available. Alan “Lucky” Lemke says he was the ski school director at Royal Valley from 1980-82 and remembers a lift that served two facing hills. He says the area was closed and the lifts sold off before he visited in 1993. Tom replied to his post about Royal Valley. MiK says the GRJC ski team trained at Indian Hills between 1977-79.

Scott Stillings confirmed our search for the Leelenau 4H Ski Club slope on the farm near Maple City. He also commented onthe history of Petoskey Winter Sports Park. Curtis Norton wanted to know if there are any plans for Skyline. Gary Gariglio noted that there is a new Skyline Facebook page. Susan Ayres-Genovesi is very interested in seeing trail maps for Tyrolean Hills/Pinnacles.


We are a clearinghouse for information about retired ski areas in Michigan
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