MILSAP Updates, August 12, 2014

It has been almost a month since we updated our blog and we are approaching the middle of August. Summer has been mild and a bit damp in Michigan, especially compared to the rest of the nation. Can we expect to be winter to be colder and snowier than the rest of the nation, like last year? Ocean reports seem to indicate that the coming winter might be similar to last year. We’ll have to wait and see.

There have been 21 comments posted on pages on our site since mid-July. Bill Endres wanted information about Thunder Mountain and we referred him to our page for that lost area. He thanked us for the information he found there. Micky MacWilliams from michigan Snowsports Industries Association sent us a Michigan ski areas map from the ’60s and we have apparently dated it to ’67-’68 based on the areas listed on it.

Anton Mal commented on both Timberline and Mt. Maria that he is interested in seeing them reopen. He also provide some old postcard information about Caberfae and said he would like to see some old Caberfae trail maps. So would we. Debra Newman commented that she remembers the Greembush Inn property after the building was torn down but some of the old features were still there. That was in the early to mid ’60s (’61-68).

Craig Whaley says that Otsego is indeed still private. Guests are permitted only one visit per season. Barb Kent says she remembers a snow-train at Snow Valley and would like to see pictures of it. We have asked her to tell us which year(s) she remembers it operating.

John Kreuger told Suzanne he would like to buy her Carousel Mountain pin. Susan Genovesi is still looking for a Tyrolean Hills trail map, but would like to hear from Keith his recollections of the “Valley Trail.” Selkie is still looking for information about the band “Canada Goose” that performed at Bear Mountain. We sent a link to information about a band by that name from Ottawa that toured in Canada and the northern US in 1970-71.

Finally, Rob M reports that his mother skied at Gay El-Rancho and says that it was nordic-only when she was there. If no one remembers a tow at the area, we may have to scratch it from our list of lost alpine areas. We haven’t attempted a list of nordic areas (aside from jumping hills) because, frankly we might have to list every clearing and forest trail in the state. But we might be tempted to provide a list of those places which had set tracks or facilities of any kind, if our correspondents are interested in passing them along.

We’re looking forward to a snowy winter; please keep those comments coming and remember the areas we used to ski at as well as the ones we frequent now.


We are a clearinghouse for information about retired ski areas in Michigan
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