MILSAP Updates, September 9, 2014

Here we are in September; can Autumn be far away? Another ski season is rapidly approaching and we have received 14 comments since our last update. Selkie thanked us about our information about Canada Goose, but said there was apparently another band with that name which played Bear mountain in ’72-’73. This one was out of Webster, MA led by John Matteau–stage name jack Lee Williams. Later on the band was known as the  Jackie Lee Williams Country Revue. Their drummer was Bruce from the Soo.

Trucker Mark chimed in with memories of incidents with ropes and chairs at Alpine Valley and beaver Creek, CO. Escape from Bondage in Gaylord commented on memories of Gay El-Rancho implying that it was not the most pleasant place to work. However, we still have no information that it ever had a tow; everyone seems to agree that it was a nordic-only area.

Luke passed on current directions to the site of Mt. Grampian and Dave from Lanse Creuse HS commented that he skied there with his HS ski club in ’77. Robin Galbraith Vincent was looking through the comments on the Mt. Brighton page and recognized some of the names from the past.

Rusty Yamada asked if Mio Mountain is for sale. Why Rusty, do you want to buy it? Ben Dancer left a couple comments on the Skyline page, one about trying to spray someone’s parents, with snow of course, and wiping out into them, of course; and the other about posting a picture about Skyline. Can we get a copy, Ben?

There was also a comment on Skyline by Peter, but it was personal in response to another commentator (and a little obscene and vicious–so we have not approved it!) Peter, if you intended it to be funny, please clean it up and resubmit it.

Winter will be here soon, and this year we look forward to seeing some of our “lost” ski areas reopen. Please keep your comments coming and tell your current and former skiing friends about our site.


We are a clearinghouse for information about retired ski areas in Michigan
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