MILSAP Updates, January 6, 2015

Happy New Year! We hope you are enjoying our (finally) wintery Michigan Weather. We have received a dozen new comments since we last updated you before Xmas. We have also received our annual report from WordPress, the host of our blog.

Last year, MILSAP was viewed over 49,000 times, mostly from the United States, but with a significant number of hits from Canada and Germany as well as hits from 76 other countries such as Mongolia (12) Kazakhstan (1), Russia (17), Cambodia (1), Morocco (3), and Saudia Arabia (1). Our most popular pages for comments were: Mt. Grampian (44), Kandahar (44), Skyline (43), and Thunder Mountain (23). Our most frequent commenters were: Dianne, Anton Mal, Cliff Essman, Bill, and Selkie. Our most frequent referrers were: facebook, detroityes, izito, semalt, and We want to thank all of you for your continued interest.

Greg commented on Black Forest that he started skiing there on Wednesday bus trips from Sarnia. He remembers the Bee Gees on the PA. Since then he has skied many great places around the world, but credits Black Forest for the start. Mary remembers skiing at Mt. Grampian in a for-credit ski class for the University of Detroit in ’84.

Bill says he was told the area marked for future expansion on the Boyne Highlands map will be getting a new lift. Josh says the new trails were cut there several years ago and are already growing back in. He expects a used lift from another Boyne USA property will be installed eventually. Bill also wants a clickable map of our lost areas; we will have to work on that. Max McDonald wants a poster of our lost areas. We have found someone who has developed a poster of the open areas in Michigan (as well as those in other states). More about this later.

Randy Rakus commented about Skyline that he remembers that his dad would drop him and his brother for night skiing on Saturdays. He also remembers piling into his friend’s dad’s station wagon for trips to the area during the day. Mike Pikor also started skiing at Skyline (in ’63) and is still skiing. Selkiescot said she also remembers the band at Bear Mountain playing Chantilly Lace (see last month’s update (below). Jeff Kurn wanted to know how to send us electronic photos. Just send them by email to milsap at

Cindy Bills said her family owned the property next door to Fonro on Emig Rd. and has many fond memories of the resort. Candy wants to know if she knew Chris Emig who used to work at the resort.

Please keep those comments coming and, if you get the opportunity, get out there and enjoy our Michigan winter by skiing, snowboarding, X-Cing, skating, sledding, tobogganing, snowshoeing, hiking, camping or any way you can.


We are a clearinghouse for information about retired ski areas in Michigan
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3 Responses to MILSAP Updates, January 6, 2015

  1. says:

    As always, thanks so much for doing this.


  2. Bill says:

    I think that a large poster of lost Michigan Ski Area’s offered for purchase would be a wonderful idea. I would buy at least two and probably more for Christmas presents next year!

  3. Bill says:

    Thanks so much for the great website and all of the endless work that goes with it.
    I was wondering if there is anyone out there who would have patches from Hickory Hill’s in Traverse City or Sugarloaf in Cedar? Perhaps you could add them to your patch page.
    I was also wondering about making replica’s of these patch’s for sale – not sure about that one…???


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