MILSAP Updates, May 19, 2015

Well, skiing is pretty much over in most of North America (although they are still getting late-season snow in parts of the west, many of the areas were already closed because of the terrible snow season they had out there). Michigan and the mid-west had a pretty good season this winter and avoided the unrelenting cold of last year. Further east, they had epic snow events in New England.

We have had twelve new comments in the month since we last updated our blog. Among them were the location of the ski hills for one of our oldest ski areas, the Greenbush Inn, and the location of a “new” lost ski area, the Kalamazoo Ski Club near Plainwell.

Charlie left the location of the Greenbush Inn as between Main and Campbell on US-23 and State/Cedar Street in Greenbush. However, the ski hills and toboggan runs were 2 miles north, on the west side of US-23, beyond the golf course. He says that by the 70’s, any remnants of facilities at the hills had vanished. Ken Goebel thanked him for his information. We would still like confirmation of whether (and when) the slopes at Greenbush Inn had a tow.

Anton Mal commented on Thunder Mountain about the links to pictures that he didn’t remember the quad chairlift. He was surprised that Boyne invested that much money in Walloon and Thunder, just to close them.

Fred Wark commented in Current Areas that he had met a Mrs. Pat Hill who claimed to be one of the original owners of Mt. Brighton. He posted another comment on the Mt. Brighton page with more detail about her. Mark left a comment on the Alpine Valley page in response to Goeff Smith, reminiscing about coach Goeff and his parents, “Doc” and “Granny” Smith. Doc was a perennial feature at ski areas in SE Michigan, serving at various times on the ski patrols at Teeple Hill, Mt. Holly, Blizzard Metro, and several others.

Kerry Weber Boone commented on the Mt. Maria page that she skied there from ’70 until ’86 and remembered all the families who skied there with her. Randy Wlodarski says he learned to ski at Royal Valley using the GLM method–every week, when his ski club came up from Indiana, they would move up to longer skis. (That’s the way GLM was supposed to work. Ski shops gave it a bad rep by selling too-short skis to customers who quickly progressed beyond them).

Jeff Knudsen commented on Carousel Mountain with memories of skiing there. John Kreuger commented on the page that he would like to buy a Carousel Mtn. pin. Drew commented on our Ski Area Patches and Pins page they he would like to purchase Carousel Mtn. memorabilia.  Apparently we have a lot of interest in Carousel Mtn. at this time.

profesorav (Dr. Karen Vocke from WMU) has informed us of a “NEW” lost ski area, a hill operated near Plainwell by the Kalamazoo Ski Club. The hill opened in the ’60s and closed in the 80’s, and apparently had at least one tow, powered by a Corvair engine. The lodge is still standing, with a sign over the front door. According to the state, the club was founded in 1960 and dissolved in 1988. If you have any memories of cruising the slopes at KSC or of the memorable teen parties that were held in the lodge, please comment on our new Kalamazoo Ski Club page in the Southwest Lower Peninsula section.

Please keep those comments coming and let your friends know about our site. That is how we will keep the history of skiing in Michigan alive.

Bob Knox
Publisher, Michigan Lost Ski Areas Project


We are a clearinghouse for information about retired ski areas in Michigan
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6 Responses to MILSAP Updates, May 19, 2015

  1. Pat Dorcey says:

    There was a small ski area located just east of Wildwood Lake in Wolverine. It was only open for a season or two in the early 1970s. It was called Mount Gabriel. You can still see the runs through the trees if you look at a satellite image. Look just east of Wildwood Lake at the east end of T-Bar Drive. We used to ride our 4 wheelers up to the top until someone bought the property aboout 5 years ago.
    Pat Dorcey

  2. Bill Endres says:

    I have a very rare picture of Chainsaw Mountain in Maple City I would like to submit. I just need to figure out how to post it. Any help would be appreciated – Bill Date: Tue, 19 May 2015 17:08:18 +0000 To:

    • MILSAP says:

      You can email it to us following the directions on the About MILSAP page. Or, if you wish to send a hardcopy, contact us by email at milsap at and we’ll give you a snailmail address.

  3. Dave Fons says:

    Thanks for your efforts on this. Curious about why you are doing it?

  4. CYD ARCHER says:

    Bob: I just recently learned of your site. I am the daughter of the original owner of Carousel Mountain in Holland, Michigan. It is very ironic that I learned about your site the morning I was leaving for Holland, Michigan to donate all my news articles, brochures, pins, photographs and other memorabilia of Carousel Mountain to Hope College’s Theil Research Center which is part of The Joint Archives of Holland, Michigan. There has been a lot of interest in Carousel Mountain in the last few years which is really amazing. It had an impact on so many young kids lives, and I am glad that my Father’s legacy will live on. The Joint Archives of Holland recently published an article that one of my former high school classmates had written about the history of Carousel Mountain and what it meant to him growing up. If you want to send me your address I am happy to send you the article along with some digital photos I have of the Ski Area and other memorabilia. My Father, Norm Archer was very instrumental in helping develop other ski areas which have also met a similar fate. But I do have an original brochure from Mt. Christie, along with some photos of the development which I am happy to share with you. Let me know if you are interested in these things. Best, Cyd

    Date: Tue, 19 May 2015 17:08:12 +0000 To:

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