MILSAP Updates, December 2, 2015


It is now officially Winter in Michigan, although the weather outside is far from wintry. Many Michigan ski areas have opened, only to close, once or multiple times, and they are waiting (im)patiently for snow-making weather. We have received 22 comments since our last update in October.

Geoff Smith left a couple comments on the Teeple Hill page in response to Tom Bullard and Cathy Gosenca Shepard. Goeff raced at Mt. Holly from 63-65 and has now retired to Colorado where he is still skiing. Speaking of Teeple Hill, Thad Sienkiewicz from the Friends of Highland Recreation Area mentioned that the docents form the Henry Ford Museum and the Edsel Ford House in Grosse Pointe visited the Haven Hill property (Henry’s farm) where the barn has been restored. This is the barn that was the lodge for Teeple Hill.

Bill Climie responded to John Baker on the Snow Valley page that his family used to camp at the nearby state park with the Knopf family from Flint in the 50’s. He remembers the lodge and the trolley. Eric Tubbs left a couple of comments on the Tyrollean Hills page. He learned to ski at age 5 at the Pinnacles and his family still owns a cottage on the property. Susan Genovesi replied to Eric that she met Billy Tubbs there a few weeks before. Rob replied to Joel on the Royal Valley page, “King’s Dive.” He also commented that he grew up three miles from the area and spent a lot of time there.

Madelyn Le Page commented on the Greenbush Inn page that her family vacationed there when she was a child and she remembers the tunnel under US-23 to get to the beach. The hotel burned in ’68. Fred L left a comment that he is looking for information of a sledding hill with toboggan runs in the Ionia area he remembers from the mid-’60’s; can anyone help him out? Randy says he just listed his home movie from ’63 on ebay with footage from Little Switzerland–anybody interested? Barb Butler confirmed that the Jack Pine Valley/Circle TNT property is for sale–anybody interested? Tammy and Michelle Tobin remembered many great times at Skyline.

Karen commented on the Mt. Grampian page to Tracey that she and Sue used to ski with her and her sister Trisha and lived very close to them. She also used to visit the old Mt. Christie area after it was closed with her brothers in the late ’70’s. She says it was on Davison Lake Rd. between M-24 and Baldwin and is now a subdivision named for the area (or the hill).

adez7 left three comments on the Fonro page. He used to patrol there in the ’70’s under Tom Straley and says he remembers Dave. Tris Harkless also was on the patrol at Fonro in the mid-’60’s. John Hurley remembers learning to ski at the Lansing Ski Club in ’67. He says he remembers it as skiing down into a hole with the lodge at the bottom.




We are a clearinghouse for information about retired ski areas in Michigan
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2 Responses to MILSAP Updates, December 2, 2015

  1. Dave Fons says:

    Thanks for the update Bob.

  2. Cyd Archer says:

    Hi Bob:

    I have been trying to contact you. My Father built a ski resort in Holland, Michigan called Carousel Mountain in the 1960’s which is no longer in existence. I have some material I would like to send you on it. Please contact me at: I would love to talk to you to get this information added to your list of resorts. Even thought it went out of business in the 70’s there has been a renewed interest in it of late.

    Cyd Archer

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