MILSAP Updates, July 12, 2016

Well, it has been three months since our last post–way too long. My only (valid) excuse (besides laziness) has been several trips to the north country to enjoy my summer passion–fly fishing. However, we have had 27 comments since the last summary, so here goes:

Bob Sisco fixed his bad link to the Grand Haven Ski Bowl website. Scott Coffin commented on the Greenbush Inn page that his father was born in and lived in the house across the street until WWII. Jackie Thayer Culp said her parents, Fern and Virgil Thayer, were friends with the Ashes at Glacier Hills. Her first wooden skis with Cubco bindings were purchased from Mr. Ash. Jordon Seaver left current directions to the old Grand Valley State College ski hill. He says it’s still great for sledding. Torr Williams replied to Clay McNitt on the Briar Hill page that he would like to play tag on the hill again. Ron Osborne says he worked one week during the summer at Mio Mt. helping Charlie build a rope tow control shack and tow it up the hill.

Paul commented that he explored the (ruined) Silverbell lodge in the ’90s. Mark Kimmerly wants pictures from Silverbell. Sandy Horn grew up on the farm down the road from Mt. Grampian; her brother’s funeral was on the mountain. Jack Pippin left a story about learning to ski at Mt. Christie. He’s now director of Children’s Programming for the ski school at Heavenly in Tahoe. Kyle V commented that he lives on Ski Park Road in Clarkston and has been told that his home used to the the lodge for Bald Eagle. G. Dunkel skied every weekend with the Dunlops at Kandahar. He broke a tip on his Olin MkIVs on the old ski jump (and tore the binding off the other one). Tony D asked for more pictures from Kandahar, particularly interior shots.

Lon Duncan replied to Greg that he used to live across the road from the ski jump at Forest Avenue and Ski Hill Road. He wondered if that was where the Crystella Ski Hill was. Carpenter5050 replied that it is. He says the jump scaffold has been down for many years. Lon says he hasn’t been there since 1965.

Betsy replied to Davis on the Royal Valley page that she remembers that his dad and her dad were on the ski patrol together. David Siekman said she was just a little rascal. Jamie Gibbard remembered Pleasant Valley in the 1950s and 1960s with many good memories and Scott Stillings commented on his memories.

David Ragan, Jr. replied to Carolyn on the Skyline page that he grew up skiing there the same time as her kids. Marcia Forsman Wiggington says she skied there every winter from 1950 to 1968 and has many fond memories. Carolyn Nye Boyd remembered David Ragan and his church group and still has a letter her dad wrote to their pastor to tell him how impressed he was with their behavior.

Ilsa Elkhardt posted on our ski area patches and pins page that she would like  patches for Willard and Maple Ridge. These happen to be ski areas in eastern upstate New York, but if any of you can help her out, please do so.

A website called, which has a  section devoted to poaching lines, has published an article about poaching at Avalanche Peak/Barn Mountain and included a link to our history of the Barn Mountain site.

Finally, Jay Moore left a note to thank us for publishing these memories of old ski areas in Michigan. You’re welcome, Jay, thanks for visiting and please tell your friends about us.

Please keep those comments coming to our blog and check out our Facebook page. We love to hear more about the old days (and modern days) of skiing in Michigan. But now that summer has been here for a good three weeks, you can start thinking SNOW! for the coming season. The early projections are for COLD and SNOW due to the temperature of the Pacific.

Bob Knox, Publisher
Michigan Lost Ski Areas Project


We are a clearinghouse for information about retired ski areas in Michigan
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One Response to MILSAP Updates, July 12, 2016

  1. bob morris says:

    I think your love for this almost lost love of the skiing of the past is refreshing. Thanks.

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