MILSAP Updates, September 6, 2016

Another three months (almost) since the last post. Where does the time go? We have had 19 comments left for you since the beginning of July, many of them replies to other comments on the same ski areas. We love to see those exchanges about old friends and old times.

One of our more popular areas this summer has been Tyrolean Hills. Renee M replied to Susan and Jessica about grandparents and friends. Susan Genovesi replied to Renee about the old days. Keith Pollock replied to Eric that he would have liked to be there for Alpenfest. Susan Ayres Genovesi replied to Jessica and Keith about the current trail restriction legal problems and the ownership of the old lodge buildings. Everyone deplores the state of disrepair and wishes the area could still be open.

Carole Rogers replied to David about Silver Valley, asking if he knew when they moved the cross and the chapel (at the campground)? John Anthony Neslusan said he used to play bass in the band Canada Goose that played at Bear Mountain in the early ’70s and he met many fine people there. Larry commented about Sylvan Knob that all the lifts converge at the top which makes it a great area for families.

Merry Lou Loyer mentioned that her parents owned the Look Out Inn across the road from the Paul Bunion Memorial. She said there were no tows left on the old ski area across the road, but her brother used to climb the hill and ski down. Merry Lou also commented on the Greenbush Inn that the toboggan run was still reachable in the late ’60s and early ’70s from Everett Rd, west of US-23 north of Greenbush. She said that Schmidt also had the golf course and Saradella Dairy farm that are now part of the Lakewood Shores Resort. The old barns are still there on Cedar Lake Rd. just south of the Iosco/Alcona line. Larry also commented on the Greenbush Inn that his family vacationed there in ’65 and he has pictures of the dining room, tennis courts, and the pools. We’d like to see them, Larry, if you’d care to share them. Ken says he lived there summers with his family (his father worked there) from ’60 to ’65. He, too, would like to see Larry’s pictures. I should mention that we are still looking for evidence that Greenbush Inn ever had a ski tow or lift which might make it one of the earliest alpine ski areas in Michigan.

Paul Williams replied to Martin on the Briar hills page that he used to live across the field from the ski area. He also commented that he misses the many good times. Don’t we all, Paul. Rich Drouillard commented on Snow Valley that he learned to ski there as a teen. His mom was a nurse in Saginaw, and she took care of the son of a ski instructor from Snow Valley who had been seriously injured in an accident. His family was treated extremely well at Snow Valley.

Sandra McFarlin says she and her husband bought the former Dryden ski lodge property in the ’70s after it had been heavily vandalized. They remodeled what was left of the lodge into their home, although it no longer resembles the old structure. She would like any pictures of the old ski lodge.

Please keep those comments coming to our blog and check out our Facebook page. We love to hear more about the old days (and modern days) of skiing in Michigan. But now that summer is drawing to a close, although you wouldn’t know it from the temperature today, you can start anticipating the coming ski season. The early projections are for COLD and SNOW due to the water temperatures in the Pacific.

Bob Knox, Publisher
Michigan Lost Ski Areas Project



We are a clearinghouse for information about retired ski areas in Michigan
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