MILSAP Updates, October 11, 2016


It has been a little over a month since our last post and we have received 15 new comments on our site and a LOT of emails, some with pictures, from Robert Sisco. Some of his emails with pictures have come through without the pictures, so we haven’t posted them yet, although other pictures have been received just fine. We are working to resolve the problem.

As our Michigan foliage changes color and the prettiest part of autumn descends upon our state, we look forward to a new season of snowsports even as we sit around the fireplace and reflect on winters long past and ski areas long remembered.

David Tubbs commented a reply to susangenovesi on our Tyrollean Hills page that he wants to sell a lot at the old ski area. Jessica Hertlein also sent a reply to Renee on the same page. Ted Perreault asked on the Fonro page if the Ro in Fonro stood for Ronains? He mentioned that in addition to skiingat Fonro, he often skied at Mt. Holly with the Shrine HS ski club (and that he still skis regularly at Mt. Holly). David Fons replied to Ted that the Ro in Fonro stood for Don Rosenbach who was a partner with Jerry and Wally Fons. He noted that the Rosenbachs were great supporters of Shrine HS. He also corrected Art and Marion’s last name to Suddon, not Sutton. Dan Boyer commented on the Mio Mountain page that the area is NOT for sale, but if you have about $1.5 million too invest to reopen it, he would like to hear from you.

John Roeser said on the Brady’s Hills page that in 1956 he made trips there with the Grand Rapids junior high ski club and remembers “boot-packing” the hill by sidestepping in the mornings after a big snowfall. (I remember doing this at Snow Valley in the late 60’s). He later joined the ski patrol at Boyne and then opened a ski shop at Vail. Judy Weighman Daines said that she and her friend Deb went to Timberline every weekend and that’s where she learned all her skills. Suzanne Carpenter commented that her family skied at Big M throughout the ’60’s. Her dad and uncle owned it for part of that time. She remembers the rope tow, her first ride up the t-bar, polka music on the speakers, great burgers and the big fireplace.

Bob Sisco commented on several pages that he emailed pictures, including Grayling Winter Sports Park, Skyline, Misaukee Mountain, and Echo Valley. Unfortunately, except for Echo Valley, the emails came through without the pictures. I have added a new gallery to the Echo Valley page with some of the pictures he sent of his trip there with his grandsons.They have a great display in the lodge of ole picture and news clippings of skiing there and especially ski jumping, as well as old equipment (skis and even an old bobsled!). Bob has resent some of the pictures and they are now coming through. We will add more to the site as I get them sorted out.

Denise Bosbous asked about the lake Shore Ski Club if it ever had a ski jump. I have no information about that, but many early area, particularly in the UP dis have jumps, so it is a possibility. If you know anything about a ski jump or “ski slide” at Lake Shore, please let us know with a comment or an email.

By the way, in a clipping on the wall at Echo Valley, Bob Sisco saw a mention of an area called MadCap in the Cadillac area. We had not hears of MadCap before. If you know anything about skiing at MadCap, please let us know that, too, so we can add it to our list of lost ski areas.

Please keep those comments coming to our blog and check out our Facebook page where we are also posting notices about upcoming ski sales and ski swaps, when we find out about them. We love to hear more about the old days (and modern days) of skiing in Michigan. But now that summer is long gone and the foliage is changing color form shades of green to yellows, golds, and reds you can start anticipating the coming ski season. The early projections are for COLD and SNOW due to the water temperatures in the Pacific.

Bob Knox, Publisher
Michigan Lost Ski Areas Project



We are a clearinghouse for information about retired ski areas in Michigan
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