Current Areas

Brief histories of current Michigan ski areas.

5 Responses to Current Areas

  1. Tim Pawlaczyk, RN says:

    I learned to ski at Mt. Brighton in the 70’s, have since lived and skied in Colorado and Calf. Now I am a National Ski Patrolman at Mad River Mountain in Ohio. I like Vail very much, but part of my heart will always be at Mt. Holly, Alpine Valley, and Mt. Brighton as they are often in my dreams when I hear an old Gary Wright or Manford Man Song.

    Cheers- Tim Pawlaczyk, RN

  2. Susan Jarvis says:

    I began skiing at age 5 at Mt Brighton-1963—skiied every day I could….then taught there professionally under the PSIA status beginning 1976 with Gene Hill, Ziggy Baier…I am looking for the Hill family

    • fred wark says:

      was Gene Hill one of the first owners and developers of Mt Brighton? Was his wifes name Pat? Today I talked to a Pat Hill who claims to be one of the first owners. She said that this past winter, is the first winter in 60 years that she did not put her skies on. She is alive and well living in the village of Franklin

  3. Michael Patterson says:

    I am new to the blog. Really enjoy it so far, but I noticed that you are missing Cannonsburg Ski Area under current areas. Cannonsburg is a ski area serving the metro Grand Rapids area. I believe it has been around since 1964.

    • MILSAP says:

      Thanks, Michael. We’ve been concentrating on collecting information on “lost” areas, but will try to rectify the Cannonsburg situation as soon as possible.

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