Apple Mountain – Freeland

Apple Mountain is an operating ski area with convention facilities, near Freeland, MI. It previously operated as Bintz Apple Mountain. If you know when the resort changed name/hands, please let us know.  Apple Mountain currently boasts a 220′ vertical drop, with 12 slopes, 1 quad Chairlift and 4 tows.


3 Responses to Apple Mountain – Freeland

  1. Jeff Kurn says:

    Apple Mt was started around 1962. John and Joan Bintz inherited an apple orchard. He rented a bulldozer, dug a pond, moved dirt in a pile, added some ropes and Apple Mt. started. It is in the Saginaw Valley so it is the only hill in the area. In the summer they sold apples, cider, donuts, etc. They added an Apple Chapel for weddings. About 15 years ago, it was purchased by Mike Bierlein, who owns a very large demolition company in Midland. The old steak and lobster restaurant was torn down along with the ski shop. Many of the apple tress have been chopped down for the golf course. In the summer, you can tee off from the top of the hill. I could write about “Bintz’s Bump” for many hours, because I spent my childhood out on that hill, worked at the ski shop, and after college became a ski instructor.

  2. Terry Feldmann Keatley says:

    I broke my leg skiing on “Bintz’s Bump” when I was 10 years old! (51 years ago) It was a crowded Saturday and the sky was dim and grey. I was going down a run (the area is small, there weren’t many to choose from) and I found myself heading right towards a small jump someone had built on the run. I either had to go over it, or angle to the right or left and run into another skier. I opted to go over the jump and fell and broke my left tibia which resulted in a plaster cast from my foot to my thigh. That thing was on my leg for 6 weeks. I initially went back to school in a wheel chair and graduated to crutches. It was a big deal that winter. I spent many a weekend at Bintz’s with my sisters. I remember well the apples, the cider-making, the warm, delicious donuts and the ski hill. I’m in Colorado now … where our ski runs are located on mountains 🙂

  3. Tim Carr says:

    It appears that Apple mountain will not open for skiing during the 2017-2018 season

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