Bittersweet – Otsego

If I remember correctly, Bittersweet is one of the newer ski areas in Michigan, but I do not recall what year it opened. Bittersweet has 7 chairs, including a high-speed quad, 2 rope tows and 2 “Wonder Carpet” conveyor lifts. The following picture is from their website:

Bittersweet Ski Area

If you have any information about the development of Bittersweet, please leave a comment or send it via the directions on our About MILSAP page.

3 Responses to Bittersweet – Otsego

  1. Scott Uzarski says:

    From wikipedia: The last new Hall chairlifts were installed in 1982 at Ski Bittersweet and Timber Ridge Ski Area, both in Michigan

  2. Tom Fullerton says:

    The first time I skied Bittersweet I was impressed with it as being an excellent area for beginners and intermediates in south-west Michigan. Big parking lot, Big lodge, big cafeteria, big rental program, nice lounge, huge fireplace and plenty of lift capacity. From the summit, the terrain is very wide open, mostly gentle, and a long distance back to the bottom. So, Bittersweet…sweet for the beginner but a little bitter for the advanced as there is not a lot to challenge them.

  3. Bob sisco says:

    Milsap already has the history behind Bittersweet listed in the Mt Holly section.(same ownership) Mr Kosick (mich ski hall of fame)opened it in 1982. They actually opened on Nov 13 this year for a few days with a couple trails. Yes as posted it doesn’t have any steeps but a great place to take your grandsons and you can pack a lot of vertical with the high speed poma brand quad. The only drawback I have to pay a $100 for myself, and a 6 and 9 year old, same price basically as Nubs Nob.

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