Crystal Mountain – Thompsonville

In 1960, a few of the volunteers who had built and operated the small, community ski area called Buck Hills, formed a corporation, bought the area, and renamed it Crystal Mountain. It is still operating under that name.

The Lounge in the Crystal Mtn. Lodge, c. 1960courtesy of Vintage Ski

The Lounge in the Crystal Mtn. Lodge, c. 1960
courtesy of Vintage Ski

George Petritz, was one of the three original investors, who planned to re-sell the resort at a profit. But they stayed with it, growing the facility. George became sole owner in 1981 and his family still owns and operates the resort. George was inducted into the Michigan Ski Hall of Fame in 2004.

Crystal Mountain patch

Crystal Mountain now boasts 375′ vertical drop, 45 slopes (27 lighted), 4 terrain parks, and 8 lifts, including: 1 HSD quad, 3 quads, 1 triple, 1 double, and 2 conveyors.

If you have any information about the development of Crystal Mountain, please comment or send it to us via the directions on the About MILSAP page.

2 Responses to Crystal Mountain – Thompsonville

  1. Tom Fullerton says:

    We started skiing Crystal as a family in 1969 after skiing Caberfae and Big M; ’64-’68. The Buck run was a Poma lift then and as kids we loved to get airborne on take-off. The Cheers lift was a rope tow then. To the right of that across the slope was Ward Creech, double parallel ropes to the half way and a single rope to the top. From there we loved to ski down through the trees to a ridge then grab a tuck across Mainstreet and fly off and down into what is now the Superpipe. Mainstreet was an old, long, slow, double; wagging close to the towers in the freezing wind. Thor was a “new” double put in about 1972. We loved to tuck it until a patrolman ripped half my ticket off with a warning. At the end of the day after a few pitchers of Bud in the Vista Bar we’d head for the top of Buck. Feeling loose and bulletproof for last runs we would tuck it fast and straight to the parking lot. There used to be an outdoor, heated pool in front of the Lodge. Once, without thinking, I got out and started to run up the frozen, iron stairway to our room. The skin on my feet started to rip off before I turned around and jumped back in for a snowball fight. George’s daughter’s, Mimi and Dosi were the best looking and best skiing girls at the place.

  2. Bill Jennings says:

    Tom, I remember clearing off the brush of Loki and Thor for a free season pass ! My first recollection of Crystal was with Denny Johnson around 1967 when our family moved from Livonia to Bear Lake Michigan. You probably remember the Olsens from Frankfort and Doc and Sue Wiloughby, the Crystal mountain ski club. Good memories !!!!

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