Crystella Ski Hill – Crystal Falls

I found this little-known area listed in The Cass City Chronicle “AAA Michigan 1968 Winter Sports Fun Guide” printed on Jan. 4, 1968. They said it has several slopes, 2 tows, a junior jump, and night skiing, skating and tobogganing. Crystella operated for many years, but was closed due to budget cuts in 2009.

Now, Crystella is re-opening! The town council voted to allow the area to re-open with mainly volunteer labor.  Will it still be open for skiing Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday, with sledding on Monday. Still has 2 rope tows. Old schedule was: tows don’t run on Monday. Night sledding and Skiing on Monday and Wednesday until 8pm.  Sledding and skating are free. When they closed, they must have had the lowest season ticket price in Michigan: $30. Didn’t see any mention of the jump in 2009.

If you have any information about skiing at Crystella in Crystal Falls, please post it or send it to us via the directions on the About MILSAP page.

4 Responses to Crystella Ski Hill – Crystal Falls

  1. Greg Carpenter says:

    I lived in Crystal Falls for many years and both of my kids learned to both ski and skate at this hill. I remember the kids on skates the first time, pushing old kitchen chairs around to stabilize themselves. It is a small area with two rope tows and basicly two slopes (a beginer and an intermediate) and one trail. It was city run and at the time (early nineties) a season pass for a city resident was $20. It was a great place run by many great volunteers. You could ski the hill for the jump as it was part of the main slope but the scaffold itself has been gone for many years. It had closed for a few years but I understand that some local folks are opening it back up. Hope so, it seemed like a lot of the kids in town hung out there when it was open, and I know my kids and I have many great memories of evenings spent there, it comes up many times at family dinners.

  2. lon duncan says:

    hi greg,
    I am wondering how long you had lived in crystal falls. my step brother lived there and we use to walk and of course climb up to the top of the ski jump. I am wondering if this place crystella ski hill is the same place where the old ski jump was. my step brother used to work in the Bristol mines back then. I haven’t been to crystal falls since 1965 but am going there this year.
    thank you for taking time to read this and I wish you and your family a great and wonderful day.

    • says:

      This the hill the jump was on. Scaffold has been down for many years. I lived in Crystal Falls for 16 years until 1995. Both of my kids learned to both ski and ice skate at Crystilla, the city was running it then, two rope tows, $25 per season pass.

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  3. lon says:

    hi greg,
    thank you for responding. i was just up in crystal falls this week and was fortunate to find that my nephew had just recently purchased property near crystalla. my family back at that time in the 1950-60’s lived across the street from the old ski jump (forest ave/ski hill rd)which we used to climb up during the summer. i havent been up that way since 1967 and finally returned to the place that was my second home during those summers when my brother lived up there. i am now considering purchasing a home in the area. thank you for responding and best to you and your family!
    Lon Duncan

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