Mt. Bohemia – Lac La Belle

Mt. Bohemia is likely the newest ski area in Michigan and certainly the most extreme. Located on the northwest side of the Keewenaw peninsula, Bohemia has 900 feet of vertical, two chairlifts, and no snowmaking. They have upwards of 80 runs, all but 2 or 3 of which are rated black diamond, double black diamond, or triple black diamond. There is no beginner terrain. The longest run is just under 2 mi.

Mt. Bohemia does not have a long skiing history, but if you can tell us about its development, please post your information or send it to us via the directions on the About MILSAP page.

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  1. Anton Mal says:

    This is the closest to mountain skiing “out West” that one can experience in Michigan. The trails are rated more by out-West standards than is typical in Michigan, the one blue square run on the mountain would rate a black diamond elsewhere in Michigan. Skied here four years in a row when it had first opened. Not sure I was there the very first year or not, probably started with their second. All there was was a couple yurts and the two chairlifts. I have only skied there on weekdays, so I have never ridden on the second lift, which they only run on the weekends. On weekdays that territory is still open (when conditions allow), but one must ride a shuttle back to the first lift. Although it is in an area of great natural snow, the lack of snow making can be a big handicap. Originally the chairs were powered by a generator, sometimes causing interruptions, but now it is tied to the grid. Rental yurts and a few small cabins have been added, along with a building with a kitchen and TV area to serve them. More gets added each Summer, see their site to see the newest accommodations. Stopped going every year after coming up to find conditions were not as the web site had led me to believe that year, but have come up a few times since, plan to go up this year if there is decent snow. I’m getting a bit old for the wooded triple diamond runs, so I welcome the tentative plans to clear some glades to allow for some more slopes with less than extreme expert skiing. The experience I often recount to explain the difficulty is when I found myself on a narrow peninsula in the woods, with nothing but shear drops on all sides, and trees everywhere of course. Too steep to take my skis off and walk back up, way too steep to walk down. I felt like a whinny little girl ready to wet myself! I eventually caught my breath and forced myself to go down, managing to do enough jump-hop turns to get down somehow without falling to my demise.

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