Mt. Holiday – Traverse City

Mt. Holiday was opened in 1949 under the name Holiday Hills by a group of local businessmen.  In 1985, Warren and Sue Brosch purchased the area and ran  it for 14 years as Mt. Holiday, adding two chairlifts, a new ski patrol building and the first half-pipe in Michigan (and likely the midwest). In 1999, Mr. Brosch died in an accident at the area and the area closed in 2001.

TC Holiday Patch from Bernie Riehl

Another group of local investors purchased and re-opened the area which is still operating as Mt. Holiday. The area is run by a non-profit foundation and is dedicated to providing a skiing experience for any and all kids in the Traverse City area.

3 Responses to Mt. Holiday – Traverse City

  1. Brad "Hoser" Miller says:

    Mt. Holiday is a testament to the passion area snowsports enthusiast have for their sport. Rather than let the doors shut on yet another local snowsports area (see Timberlee and Sugar Loaf) locals got together and formed a non profit group to keep the Bull Wheels turning.

    Mt. Holiday has two Chairs, two ropes servicing beginer slopes and a new rope that services the race arena. Mt. Holiday is the home of the “Holiday Race Team” , has a terrain park, tube run and snowsports school run by long time area snowsports icon Mike Wolf. Mt. Holiday is also the home of fast growing “Mud Sweat and Beers ” mt bike race held in early may.

    Like its cross town Neighbor, Hickory Hills, Mt. Holiday offers jaw dropping views, fun slidding and
    is a testamant to how snowsports enthusiast can band together and keep small areas alive.

    Here’s to keeping Warrens dream Alive,
    Brad “Hoser” Miller
    PSIA-C Ed Staff

  2. Robert Mogford says:

    When Warren was alive I remember that he bought the old Yellow lift from Nubs. They had replaced the old double going up Chute with a triple. That would have been either in 1990 or 91 I can’t quite remember. My father and I hauled the lift from Harbor Springs to Traverse City for Warren that summer. He was quite the man and is sorely missed by many. Told me that I could come get a ticket whenever I wanted. Don’t think I ever took him up on it.

  3. Jeff Brosch says:

    My family owned a motel on east bay. Some of the other Motel owners thought they would get together and open the ski hill back up. When it came time to show up to the bank to buy the place my dad was the only one there. We had a great first winter at the hill. Don Shaft who built and ran Don’s drive inn way back ran the food downstairs. The second year we put in the blue chairlift that came from Carousel Mountain. Every tower and every chair was painted a diffrent color. It was in bad shape so it was a full rebuild. One problem is we had no snow that year so things got rough. I will add a little more to the story later on.

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