Mt. McSauba Ski Area – Charlevoix

Mt. McSauba Ski Area is just North of Charlevoix on the Lake Michigan shore just above the north end of Lake Charlevoix. That is where it was located on a Consumers Power Company map in a brochure of the top ski areas in the northern lower peninsula from the 1960’s and that is where it is today. shows an early picture postcard from Mt. McSauba. They don’t list a caption.

The skiers appear to be skiing around pine trees which have been cut and placed on the hill. I don’t know if this is a ski race (unlikely), a ski school exercise, or an early attempt at mogul building.

Groomer at Mt. McSauba

Mt. McSauba Ski Area is part of the Mt. McSauba Recreation Area operated by the City of Charlevoix Department of Parks and Recreation.  It became a city-operated area in 1956. The Battle Creek Enquirer lists Mt. McSauba as one of four new ski areas in Western Michigan in 1956. They have 140′ of vertical, served by 3 rope tows with 10 trails up to 1000′ long. They have ski and snowboard rentals, grooming and night skiing, both alpine and x-c. Ticket prices are very reasonable.

Snowboarding at Mt. McSauba

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