Pando Winter Sports Park – Rockford

Pando was founded as the Pando Ski Center in 1960 outside the town of Rockford, near Grand Rapids. In 1977, it was sold to the current owners who renamed it Pando Winter Sports Park. Pando’s new owners adopted policies friendly to the new sports of “snurfing” and then snowboarding, hosting the annual World Snurfing Championships and in 1979 hosted the world’s first snowboarding competition, won by Jake Burton Carpenter.

Pando Patch from Bernie Riehl

Later, Pando became the first area in Michigan to install a tubing hill. Pando’s web site has a page recounting their history.

After over 50 years in business in the Grand Rapids area, Pando is still a popular local ski destination


2 Responses to Pando Winter Sports Park – Rockford

  1. Sam Seven says:

    I live in Grand Rapids and am about 5 miles from pando, they have been closed fro the past 2 seasons when Cannonsburg bought it. I think they’re redoing the lodge and are going to try to re open next season

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