Tower Mountain Ski Hill – Greenville

Greenville is a small community NE of Grand Rapids. Apparently they have a community ski hill with a single rope tow which serves two slopes, one for skiers and snowboarders and one for tubers and sledders. This area is listed as a current area by the state licensing board and was operating in mid-February, 2013, so we expect it to re-open for the 2013-14 season. Bob Sisco provided the following photos:

If you have any memories of skiing at Tower Mountain or of tow or lift-served skiing anywhere in Michigan, please leave a comment on one of our pages or contact us via the instructions on our About MILSAP page.

2 Responses to Tower Mountain Ski Hill – Greenville

  1. Bob sisco says:

    The bottom left picture is hill #1 on the map (sled and tubing) not an access road. Top left is the rope tow which was not operating on a Saturday afternoon so I don’t know if they still run it. Probably just as easy to walk up hill as its maybe a 50 foot vertical. Adjacent to one of Fred Meijers bike trails. There were people sledding on hill #2 as it has a slightly steeper pitch.
    A plug for the historic Winter Inn, great food.

  2. Bob Sisco says:

    Not only did I provide the photos, I told Milsap this place exists.

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