Treetops – Gaylord

Originally opened in the mid to late 1940’s as Sylvan Knob, this area flourished for years. It changed hands in 1983 and was renamed Sylvan Resort.  It opened that year with 11 slopes and two new chairlifts. Later, they added a golf course  by Robert Trent Jones named “The Masterpiece.” While standing by the lodge at the top of the hill, Jones remarked, “You can’t see anything but treetops.” (Like several areas around Gaylord, the lodge is at the top of the hill, overlooking a valley.) The name stuck and the resort became known as Treetops at Sylvan. Still later, they dropped the Sylvan, but are still operating for both skiing and golf.

Treetops currently reports 23 slopes and 2 terrain parks, with 3 chairlifts and 2 rope tows.

2 Responses to Treetops – Gaylord

  1. Jack Daunt says:

    Lin and Ruth Meade founded Sylvan Knob, the original name of the ski area, It first opened in 1952 for skiing. All the buildings were built with boards from the sawmill that Lin built. It tokk about two years to open for skiing after Lin and Ruth purchased the original property. They acquired the cash to purchase the property by selling ther home on Otsego Lake. Lin had been an employee of the Michigan Conservation Dept. He quit his job to build the ski area. Ruth continued to teach for the Gaylord School system. Lin’s interest had been piqued while he was a ski patrolman at Al Almon’s first ski area in Waters Michigan called the Water’s ski Village. I became acquainted with these people about 1954. I spent many years at Sylvan Knob as a patrolman, later moving to Schuss Mountain for over 25 years.
    Jack Daunt retired National Patrolman #3365
    Grand Blanc, MI

    • Wendy S. says:

      Jack Daunt, I would love to talk to you on the history of Ski Patrolling at Sylvan back in the day! Please reply to Wendy S. at Treetops Ski Patrol.

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