Alpine Valley – White Lake

On Feb. 3, 1966, The Cass City Chronicle printed the AAA Guide to Winter Sports Fun in Michigan. I listed Alpine Valley ski area as having ski jumping in addition to tobogganing, ice skating, and skiing on 9 slopes.

If you have any information about ski jumping at Alpine Valley, please post your comments on this page or send them to us via the directions on the About MILSAP page.


5 Responses to Alpine Valley – White Lake

  1. Kyle Griffin says:

    To my knowledge acquired by ski racing at Alpine and living in White Lake thoughout high school, there is no ski jumping nor ice skating. It is possible to toboggan and ski.

  2. Gustave Rayl says:

    Alpine Valley may be a shadow of it’s former self but it still hosts scholastic ski racing teams and boarder cross races with a significant snow board terrain park including a huge half pipe and a Nastar Race course on weekends. Although there are huge ramps and “kickers” for “getting air”, there isn’t ski jumping facilities in the 21st century. Still a great family place with enough challenges for the beginning to intermediate skier to feel the thrill of snowboarding and skiing. I have patrolled there from 1996.

  3. Rickie D says:

    Don’t believe Alpine had the jump but Mt Grampian did. Mt. Christie had a toboggan run with a 90 degree turn, had to take it out because of injuries.

  4. Rickie D says:

    Silver Bell became the home of Dave’s Hideout. The hide would have bands like the Underdogs, Pleasure Seeker ( all girls ), Bob Segar and more.

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