Bloomer Ski Jump – Rochester Hills

The Ski Jumping Hill Archive lists this jump as having a k-point at 35m with a hill record of 38,4m or 128 ft. They report the jump as being constructed in 1928 and converted in 1938 (rebuilt after it was destroyed by a windstorm in August 1934). The new jump was destroyed by another storm in the 1940’s. The jump was operated by the Red Wing Ski Club and the Detroit Ski Club.

Built by the Hall brothers, it was the Bloomer Jump because it was in Bloomer Park. Now in Rochester Hills, the park still exists at the far end of John R., although according to the park website the remains of the jump are on private land at the edge of the park, just west of the CCC Stone Shelter.

In a long article posted on the Rochester-Rochester Hills Patch web site, author Tiffany Stozicki recounts stories from Penny Frank Reddish of Rochester whose father and uncle helped Henry Hall construct the jump on Newberry Hill. Among many interesting facts, she says the jump was not in Bloomer Park but on Newberry Hill off Newberry Rd. as Bloomer Rd. was then known. The site is now in the Bluffs subdivision where you can still see the foundations of the grandstand where crowds of thousands gathered to watch the jumpers.

11 Responses to Bloomer Ski Jump – Rochester Hills

  1. Daniel Brown says:

    Anyone remember the “Rochester Boys”? They were the daredevils that jumped at Bloomer and other locations in Michigan. One of their favorite crowd-pleasers was to jump, two-at-a-time, in tandem! Walter Brown, the Hall Brothers, Ray Zabirski, Joe Tessmer and others attracted crowds on those Depression-Winter weekends of the 1930s. Snow was brought down from “up north” by train when nature didn’t provide enough to pack the slide and landing area. Walter Brown, a native of Rochester, served in the 10th Mountain Division, 87th Infantry…the famous “Ski Troops” of WWII.

    • Susan Brown Johnson says:

      In 1937, at the age of 21, Dad held the record on the new slide! In 1939 is when he and Tessmer went off the slide together☺️

  2. Lynda Toussaint says:

    My Father, Allison Toussaint was also one of the skiers on this ski jump along with my Uncle Mason Toussaint.

  3. Alicia Suzanne White says:

    Penny Frank Reddish is my Cousin; my mother’s name was Nancy Louise Frank, daughter of Mabell and Bert Frank. Nancy Louise Frank White passed away 10/11/2014.

    • victoria kiefer says:

      Alicia, I am your cousin, victoria frank kiefer. I am very saddened by the news that your mother, my aunt, nancy white, has died. Please accept my condolences.

  4. Alicia Suzanne White says:

    I had no idea that my Cousin Penny Frank Reddish (when I was little she once let me ride her pony Patches), lived across the road from the house she lives in now. My mother grew up in the house Penny now lives in. The house is built using Michigan Oak, and has a fabulous aura about it. I have the Howland Geneology, that Maybell Frank was instrumental in having it created.
    My Uncle Bob (Penny’s dad) used to grow corn; I know much more about this house and the stories about the city folks who used to come out to the farm to use the ski jump.
    Wow, I have to get the book.

    • L. David Arscott says:

      Hello Cousin Alicia S White,
      I have been unsuccessfull to connect with you or now you deceased siblings for some time! I have found memories of you, Scott, Kathleen & Larry jumping on me to wake while staying at your mom & dad’s home in Inkster. Both were trying to help me get through Physics 101 at the U of M!
      I hope this very late attempt to reconnect suceeds!
      Cousin Dave

  5. victoria kiefer says:

    Penny reddish is. Also my cousin and my father, bruce kent frank, made numerous jumps on the 40 meter jump and was a friend of the Hall brothers. I know ms reddish is well intended, however, some of her recollections my be tainted by memory or grandiosity. Victoria frank kiefer 1-18-16

  6. cudagirl1 says:

    So cousin I never knew that Cousin Penny suffered from grandiosity. My mother never said so, nor did I notice when I did know her. I do not recall knowing you very well, though I did stay at Uncle Bruce’s more than once when I was littler.

    As I posted before, please contact me via email at I am more comfortable using that mode of communication.

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