Copper Peak – Ironwood

The Ski Jumping Hill Archive lists the Copper Peak ski flying hill as a K160-a 160 meter jump. The jump tower rises 73m or 240 feet. The landing hill has been extended to allow jumps of 180m (although the hill record is 158m or 518 ft). From the observation platform, you can see three states and Canada.


The Gogebic Ski Club had planned to build the world’s largest ski jump since they opened the Wolverine Hill jumps on Copper Peak in 1935. In 1970, they finally realized their ambition at nearby Chippewa Hill nearer the summit of Copper Peak. Copper Peak hosted 10 international competitions between 1970 and 1994, when the last competition was held. The facility is maintained as a tourist attraction for sightseeing rides during the summer, but some still hope that the world’s sixth ski flying hill and the only one in North America can be reopened to host competitions.

1 Response to Copper Peak – Ironwood

  1. Andrew David says:

    Copper Peak still exists and is actively working towards FIS accreditation for winter jumping or as a summer training complex. In the mean time, for a fee, you can ride the cable cars to the top which is a great view – especially during fall colors. See for latest information!

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