Mt. Grampian Jump – Oxford

Not listed by the Ski Jumping Hills Archive, the former Mt. Grampian Ski Area near Oxford had a ski jump in the 1960’s and ’70’s.

1 Response to Mt. Grampian Jump – Oxford

  1. I have fond memories from Mt Grampian Ski Area from the 70’s. Our alpine ski team practiced at Mt. Grampian instead of having to drive all the way out to Mt. Holly… around 1974 or so. At that time, Bill Miilu was our coach at Pontiac Catholic High School (Member of SEMSL). We would start the lifts ourselves and ride up with no operator. I remember that the front run on the “skiers left” was fairly steep for S.E. Michigan. Those bamboo slalom gates would beat you up pretty good. They were even harder to get in the ground, using a steel spud to drive into the frozen ice/snow, wreaking havoc on your leather gloves. The grooming was not the best, but they did make lots of snow. There was also a rope tow that would serve to the top, but our hands and arms would get tired by the end of practice. Hot chocolate and candy would be our dinner for the eve, being served in the small lodge at the bottom. Lots of fun with our high school ski friends.

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