Northville Jump – Northville

In 1923, the Hall brothers, who had moved from Ishpeming to Detroit, were scouting hills on which to build ski jumps. They selected a hill in Northville, near Seven Mile and Edward Hines Drive, probably the one near the north end of Cass Benton Park. They built a wooden scaffold out of 2×6 lumber, and used it for jumping until they built the Rochester and Brighton jumps a few years later.

This link to a book about the history of Northville Michigan displays two pictures of jumpers taken in Northville in 1924, one a picture of Henry Hall in flight. Hall is identified in the caption as Detroit’s World Champion Skier. However, I did not locate a reference to the ski jump in the text. I do not know if this link will continue to function, let me know if it fails.

If you have any information about ski jumping in Northville, lease post it or send it to us via the directions on the About MILSAP page.

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