Pine Mountain Jump – Iron Mountain

The Ski Jumping Hill Archive lists Pine Mountain as a 120m jump on a HS133 hill. The jump was built in 1938 and renovated in 1948 and 1977. Three smaller jumps are a K35, a K28, and a K10. The jump has been in continuous use for almost 75 years, and succeeded jumps at Hemlock Street and Devil’s Hill which are not listed in the archive. The jump was built by and is operated by the Kiwanis Ski Club.

Alone among current jumping hills in Michigan, the Pine Mountain jumps are adjacent to the Pine Mountain Ski Area.

2 Responses to Pine Mountain Jump – Iron Mountain

  1. Roger Guiney says:

    This ski jump is located in Iron Mountain, which is about 40 miles east of Iron River. Pine Mountain has been actively operated every year since it was constructed in the ’30s except for one year when a fire damaged it. Continental Cups and an occasional World Cup tournament are held in Iron Mountain every February. Many of the jumpers who compete there are former or current olympians.

  2. Bob Sisco says:

    Picture taken 10/08


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