Lost Lake Woods Club — Lincoln

Jeff Kurn left the following comment on our Milsap Updates post:

“There was another rope tow in Lincoln at The Lost Lake Woods Club. The rope utilized an old dark green army truck at the top of the hill to power the tow rope. When you wanted to ski, you had to ask them to start the truck. There was no grooming and the hill was small and on the south side of the lodge. You could ski down to Badger Lake. I skied there in 1970, but I am sure that truck was there for a long time. It was not the most exciting place to ski, but it was something to do while we were at the lodge. Usually, we would drive to Mt. Maria, which was not far from Lincoln. We loved the poma lift, the cute lodge, the good food, the terrain, and my Mother improved from the Clif Taylor GLM (Graduate Length Method) short wooden skis. I drove by Mt Maria 15 years ago to see the hill and lodge. When I was a kid it seemed so big.”

If you have any information about lift-served skiing at Lost Lake Woods Club, please leave a comment or send it to us via the directions on the About MILSAP page.

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