AuSable Ski Ranch – Gaylord

According to the Otsego Chamber of Commerce 50th Anniversary History: In 1954, a Detriot investor began to develop the AuSable Ski Ranch. In 1956, Jerry Fairbanks of Gaylord purchased the property and began promoting it heavily. It operated until the mid 1970’s when it closed because of a fire. A few years later the land was sold and the ski area reopened as Michaywe. has the following postcard from AuSable Ski Ranch. On the back it says:
Au Sable Lodge Ranch and Ski Club, Gaylord, MI  NEW POMA LIFT AT  AU SABLE LODGE  RANCH AND SKI CLUB  6 miles South of Gaylord, Mich. New I-75 Expressway servicing the area.  2 Poma Lifts, new slopes and trails for beginners to expert.  Lodge features package ski weeks Sunday thorugh Friday.  Excellent food and entertainment.  Families, groups and conventions are our business during four seasons.

6 Responses to AuSable Ski Ranch – Gaylord

  1. F.S. says:

    My father was one of the owners of the AuSable Lodge when it burned down. I still remember going up there as a kid.

  2. K.S. says:

    I grew up 1 mile from here in Michaywe. My sister, and i learned how to ski here in 1990, during night skiing. Id spend all day (when i wasnt in school) here. When it was Michaywe, I could ski from 9am-9pm it was awesome! It closed, and reopened again in the mid 90’s. Then in the late 90’s closed for good. Bummer… I cant remember what the creek is called that runs across the bottom, but we used to build a huge cheese wedge jump across it haha! The owners were awesome and loved seeing us have fun like that!

  3. B.K. says:

    One of my best friends in Junior High, Jim Snyder, took me up there with his family for the first ski experience of my life. Probably 1972-ish… Beautiful country.

  4. Mary (Haney) Hayes says:

    In the early 1960’s when I was studying at the University of Detroit, I worked summers and holidays at the AuSable Ranch. Jerry Fairbanks was the owner and manager and Jean Arthurs was his assistant manager and, as such, she used to refer to herself as the AssMan. I was Jean’s assistant. I loved the rustic feel of the place and the local folks who worked there.

  5. Rosanne says:

    My grandfather was that Detroit investor. His name was George Georgeson and he intended to retire there. I’m unfortunately he was killed in an auto accident in 1951. My grandmother sold the ranch sometime thereafter…

  6. Jackie Schreur says:

    My husband, Jim Schreur and Bob Fosdick were the ski instructors at Au Sable. Jerry Fairbanks was the owner of Au Sable Ski Ranch at that time.

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