Michaywe – Gaylord

According to the Otsego Chamber of Commerce 50th Anniversary History: the AuSable Ski Ranch was reopened as Michaywe Resort.

Today, Michaywe is a resort communty with golf, tennis, swimming pool and many other amenities on the banks of the North Branch of the AuSable River. Their X-C ski trails map shows the location of the “old ski slopes.” I think the tows stopped operating following the 2001 season.

Today there is a preform tube geocache hidden at the top of the old ski hill.

2 Responses to Michaywe – Gaylord

  1. GeorgeAcker says:

    This is another of the great small areas active in the early 80’s where my wife and girls learned to ski. I think this was their first chairlift and the first they could ride alone as it was low to the ground. Used to do half days that were great on the budget and disposition. On icy days we would do some bush wackin on the back side. Great fun.

  2. James Tank Richard says:

    I was the Nordic Ski Director in the “high-days” of Mt. Michaywe (1984-1992). Under the tutelage of Alpine Director Pat Samalik, we provided a unique ski experience, including the 10 and 20 meter ski jumps, constructed by Pat, and the only certified jumps in the lower peninsula. The kids cued up for hours.
    The XC trails were second to none. The pristine grooming; state of the art. The challenge was often demanding. Did ANY of you attempt “Astro’s Tuck”? I think not.
    It seems only inevitable, and ultimately poetic, that the ski experience at Michaywe has been rendered dreamlike. I dream of it often…and smile a dreamy smile.
    James Richard

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