The Pinnacles – Gaylord

According to the Otsego Chamber of Commerce 50th Anniversary History: Because of steady business at Gaylord area ski resorts, developers started a new area in the mid-1960’s on Sawyer Rd. near Lake Nineteen northeast of Sparr, called The Pinnacles. It operated until the late 1970’s when the name changed to Tyrolean Hills. Tyrollean Hills ceased operation in 1988. This page from the history has a picture which shows skiers riding a double chairlift at The Pinnacles

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  1. Brad "Hoser" Miller says:

    “Dang Lenny, you went and ruined my vacation! ” We had only skied three days in our lives in 1971 when Mom and Dad took us for our first ski vacation at the Pinnacles. Coming from Mott Mt. the Pinnicles might as well been Aspen or Vail. Bigger hills, more snow, actual menues and lodging on site were things I rememenber at the Pinnicles. At the end of the first day my brother Lenny T-Boned an out building and his Cubco binders didn’t release. By night fall his knee swelled up pretty bad and Dad loaded us back up in the car and took us back home to Clare.

    I have got to stay at some great areas over the last 5 decades , the Pinnicles was the first and left a lasting impression no matter if it was shortened.

    Brad Miller
    PSIA-C ed alpine ed staff
    Coaching staff TC Central

  2. Anne B says:

    Our family skied there 4-5 times when we were kids. My sister and I fell out of the chair lift there (wasn’t too high up yet) and my friend, Janet, broke her leg there. Despite this, I remember having a lot of fun there!

  3. Jeri Gallant Keer says:

    It was Christmas vacation in 1970 when our family came to the Pinnacles for our ski vacation. I was 13 years old and George Harrison’s newly released My Sweet Lord was playing over the loud speakers on the slopes during night skiing. There were a ton of kids my sister’s and my age staying at the resort and we were all hanging out with each other having fun and running up and down the halls. I remember tasting Grape Crush for the very first time from the soda machine at the end of the hall. To this day, the very thought of that grape soda in glass bottles brings back a flood of memories….

  4. Paul F says:

    Our family went to The Pennacles many times during the early 70’s. I remember the band playing In the dinning room and who could forget that awesome fire place. I even remember our waitress because we went there so many times. Her name was Cheri and she was very good to us kids. I also remember spending news years at the resort and they had a great celebration. The hospitality made the place wonderful for families. We always saw many of the same people and made new friends like The O’Neil’s from Royal Oak. An awesome place with great memories. I hope that it reopens someday as I would go back.

  5. Dick Walton says:

    in 1968, 1969, 1970 my parents took our family, plus our aunts/uncles and all the cousins to the Pinnacles over the Christmas holidays. All the kids were between 9-17 yrs old, we had a great time for about 6 days each trip. Ski lessons, ski-doo rentals, snow shoeing were also part of the activities. Like other comments, that fireplace was the hangout area during rest stops and evenings, we all loved it. Blasting around the lodge at night had to drive the parents crazy, but since there were so many kids staying there, it was like a dorm for the jr high school crowd. I don’t remember what year it was, but Denny Mclain the famous Tiger pitcher was the guest organ player over the weekend. Too bad he turned out to be a criminal, but at the time he was cool, and signed things for the kids. The place is long gone, and even though I have taken my kids to the modern northern ski resorts of today (Boyne Mtn/Highlands, Crystal Mtn, none of them had the basic down home, family friendly, free for all feel of the Pinnacles. I have great black and white pictures and memories of that ski hill. Next time I’m in Gaylord, i need to drive by and try and find the place.

    • MILSAP says:

      We’d love to share your pix, Dick. Please send them along as described io the About MILSAP page.

      • Max R. Thiele says:

        Has anyone any pics of the log lodge located on the Black River 1/2 mile E of The Pinnacles/Tyrolean Hills barns, ski lodge, pool, etc. It was part & parcel of the same property, later sold, dismantled, and resurrected elsewhere.

  6. Greg Hawkin says:

    Someplace, I have many pictures from that exact time too and I will find them

  7. Any trail maps from Pinnacles/Tyrolean Hills??

  8. Robert Leopard says:

    My family had a membership there in the late 60’s or early 70’s. Closer to Alpena than Sylvan. The ski rental was run by Tom Staley of Alpena, a former olympic skier. ( [L. Thomas] Staley Ski Service, Inc.) I think I’ve found the location on Google Earth: 45°05’04.5″N 84°28’04.4″W

  9. Max R. Thiele says:

    left longer “historical” comment on the Tyrolean Hills-Gaylord page. Looking for a picture of the original log lodge on the Black River west of the ski hill.

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