Ski Village – Waters

From the Michigan Ski Hall of Fame site:

Opened by legendary ski instructor Al Almon in 1948, Ski Village was designed as a beginners area–a place where beginners could come to learn to ski. Al operated the area and taught thousands to ski there. This being prior to the advent of grooming machines, every morning Al and his crew would put on snowshoes and walk the slopes to pack them.

Al operated the area until he opened nearby Mt. Frederic as a full-service ski resort with a bar and restaurant in 1955.  He closed Ski Village in 1957 to concentrate on operations at Mt. Frederic.

On Dec. 21, 1951, The Ludington Daily News snow report listed Waters Ski Village with a 10″ base.

If you have any information about skiing at Ski Village, please post it or send it to us via the directions on the About MILSAP page.

4 Responses to Ski Village – Waters

  1. richard stubbs says:

    In1958 my family traveled to Waters
    ski Village for Christmas vacation. I remember vividly watching a wiry crew cut young man coming out of a very small trailer sitting at the bottom of the hill. He smiled broadly and said something like “good morning ladies and gentlemen. This is your lucky day. My name is Hugo Bohm and I will be your ski instructor”. On his ski bag that rested near the door of the trailer was stenciled “H- BOHM”. Hugo went on thru the years to become one the best known skiing personalities in Michigan and mid western ski areas as well as the ski business in general. He was a delightful man.

    • Hi Stover says:


      LMAO!! This content is just too funny! I’m on my way down to pick up my mom for the holidays and stumbled across an article on Mt Frederic. Absolutely classic. Love to hear of your memory of Hugo. Great guy!

  2. richard stubbs says:

    Ok so maybe it was 1956.or 57.

  3. Jody Almon Seeardy says:

    I’m Al’s daughter Jody now living in Oregon What kind of information are you looking for ?

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