Vanderbilt Ski Club – Vanderbilt

According to the Otsego Chamber of Commerce 50th Anniversary History:

The Vanderbilt Ski Club was a predecessor to the Otsego Ski Club at nearby Gaylord (opened in 1939), this area used steel wheels from Ford Model A’s as pulleys for the rope tows.  The Vanderbilt Ski Club was located at Cherwinski Rd. at Old Vanderbilt Rd.

On Friday, March 14, 1941, in an article about winter sports in Michigan, The Cass City Chronicle listed among seven ski areas in lower Michigan:

The Vanderbilt Ski
Club, with its superb, breath-taking
thrill of a 1,400-foot run in a sheer
18 seconds' time.

If you have any information about skiing in the Vanderbilt area, please post your comment here or send it to us via the directions on the About MILSAP page.

One Response to Vanderbilt Ski Club – Vanderbilt

  1. Michigangster says:

    Drive by this place all the time. Gonna poach it this year. Does anyone have a link to an old trail map?

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