Waters Ski Club – Waters

Listed as a former alpine ski area in the Otsego County Fact Book.

This page claims to be a satellite view of the former Waters Ski Club site. From here you can go to a street view and actually look up the hill. From a topo site, it looks like the area had about 100′ of vertical.

5 Responses to Waters Ski Club – Waters

  1. geoff smith says:

    Indeed it was a ski area. My dad, O.L. “Doc” Smith first went to Waters while attending MSU in the 1940’s. There was a ski train that went from Lansing to Gaylord. At the time Waters had the first rope tow in the area. Ultimately Mt. Frederic and Otsego displaced the one-run Waters. The satellite view is accurate. From I-75 and from US 27 before I-75 was built one had to drive right by Waters. Of course, my Dad recounted his college adventures each time we drove by.

  2. We have since used this hill as a very formidable sledding hill.

  3. Don Walworth says:

    Waters was the best place to learn to ski in the state in the early 50’s. They had a great teaching staff. Spent may days on those hills

  4. Al Almond opened Ski Village in Waters Michigan in the early 1950’s. He then opened Mt Frederic in the winter of 1960 located in Frederic Michigan. It had 3 T-bars and 4 rope tows. A great family place to ski during the ski boom.

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