Timberline – Rose City

Timberline was apparently just west of M-33 about 8 mi. north of Rose City and 8 mi. south of Mio on Timberline Mountain. The topo map shows two lift lines running NE/SW to the summit. The satellite shows the slopes and the entrance was south off Co. Rd. 488. An article in the Detroit Free Press on October 27, 1968 lists Timberline as one of four new area (if you include Frontier Mtn.– toboggan only) opening that year. The AAA 1971 Michigan Winter Sports Fun List published on Dec. 10, 1970 in The Cass City Chronicle says Timberline had 6 slopes and 3 rope tows.

If you have any information about skiing at Timberline, please post it here or send it via the directions on the About MILSAP page.3

5 Responses to Timberline – Rose City

  1. Tom says:

    Timberline was owned and operated by Bill Egan. The lodge burnt in ~1974, and after that fire, the Egan’s opened Echo Valley Campground on the property. During the early 1980’s, my brother was firends with Bill’s youngest son, and we used to sled and snowmobile on the property.


    • Sherry Marsh says:

      Timberline was a partnership owned by 3 families. My parents Glenn & Irene Melton, my brother Don Melton & his wife Barbara, & my sister Joan & her husband Bill Egan. A lot of hard work, sweat & tears went into making Timberline. My parents bought the property that was part of Timberline in 1966 when we moved to Mio. After many hikes through those 80 acres the idea of the ski hill and lodge were born. First the timber was harvested by a pulpwood cutter and then all the stumps and brush were removed by family and the help of friends. The lodge was also built by family and friends. We had 4 slopes including the bunny hill, and 3 tow ropes. Yes the lodge burned down in Feb of 1974. The property was divided then and Bill Egan got the property where the lodge was. The last time I was there the hills have all returned to trees and hard to tell it was ever a ski hill. I have many, many good memories growing up around the ski lodge. I will try to post some pictures later.

  2. Gail Egan Harrington says:

    My parentts used to own Timberline Mountain. I remember coming every weekend from Highland, Michigan to Rose City. My dad was Bill Egan. Tom are you speaking of my brother, Paul?

  3. Gail Egan Harrington says:

    And it was a 3 family owned business….My Uncle Don, and My grandparents Glen and Irene Melton………………….

  4. Judy Weighman Daines says:

    I loved skiing out there. My girlf friend Deb Devitt and I went out there every weekend. I basically learned all my skiing skills there. The Meltons were awesome and loved the hills. We spent so much time there!!

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